May 7th, 2012
Johnny Carson: King of Late Night
Outtake: Doc Severinsen

Doc Severinsen talks about when he made some sartorial changes after becoming the leader of The Tonight Show band and Johnny’s reactions to his eccentric outfits. Johnny Carson: King of Late Night premieres May 14 at 9 p.m. (check local listings).

  • George Bertha

    I’ve been a fan of “American Masters” for many years now and all I can say is that you outdid yourselves w/the documentary of Johnny Carson! Once he retired from the “Tonight Show” I have never watched it again, nothing aganst Jay Leno, but, to me it just wasn’t the same w/o Johnny! Rest well, “King of Late Night” we still love you and miss you very dearly!


    This gentleman is also one of the best horn players you could hope to find
    anywhere during his tenure with the Tonight Show.The best that Johnny could find.

  • Frank


  • Rolloff

    I have treasured my BetaMax copy of the Tonight Show where Doc sits down and absolutely slays Johnny with his funny chat. Johnny was amazed at how funny Doc was. Its in the program, part of it anyway, the rest is pure gold.
    The punchline at the end of the chat is a classic. Doc had a cold I believe and was on meds but was so funny Johnny says to Doc – Can you give me some of the stuff you’re on? and Doc says noooooo but I can sell you some!

  • Ian

    I have tried this on two different browsers and this video won’t load. The full documentary, outtakes and other clips load just fine.

  • polly pancoe

    I saw and taped this show-WHAT fun memories all the way around!

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