September 19th, 2007
José Clemente Orozco
Paintings by Orozco (Gallery)
  • junella haynes

    This was a very impressive documentary. Is there any way to get a DVD of the program? What is the length of the documentary? Thanks!

  • Gudelia Delgado

    Beautiful paintings! I love this artist!

  • MarioGarciaZ.


  • Bill Fair

    I don’t have TV. I can watch network pablum on my laptop, why can’t you make your films available?

  • Bill Fair

    What the heck is a “… previously approved comment…”?

  • Amy

    He shows great diversity in his murals.

  • nicholas delgado

    I have a painting by this artist, but no name for the picture ( peons before horsemen with a mountain backdrop. Do you have title?

  • daniel gage

    I like a lot.

  • Eldah Frogier

    hello, Jose Clemente was my great uncle, and im looking where i can buy some of his paintings. Is there anyone out there that can help me please…

  • Karina

    Firme pictures

  • smellymexicanlady

    Orozco is badass. Nuff said.

  • froggie 21

    this is cool & un-even now he is a talented artist but in some i say he is a bit of a childlike paintings no offense i like man in fire it good

  • froggie 21

    i meant childlike painter heh heh lol

  • Pecos 45

    I had seen one or two of his earlier works (b&w skeletons) but was completely ignorant of him, and his later work. What an eye-opener this documentary was. I enjoyed it very much.

  • Richard G.

    This artist was so prolific, it is hard to understand why he is not far more well known in the US. Was awed by his inclusion of deep social issues in his art. Art with a strong purpose… what a concept! Thanks for the documentary.

  • chuck

    this guys painting are pretty bad

  • Patrick I.

    Absolutely stunning. Prior to this I had never heard of this incredible artist. Thanks very much for this show.

  • Senor

    Me gusta mucho esta artista

  • Dr. Miguel G. Maturino y Manzanera

    I currently own a painting called Pueblo Mexicano by Jose Clemente Orozco. Does any one who is into
    Orozco’s history of painting know the value of such painting. I was offered a very hefty sum recently.
    Dr. Maturino

  • Dr.Miguel Maturino y Manzanera

    Eldah Flogier,
    I own a painting called Pueblo Mexicano. If you are interested in viewing it, mail me at Dr. Miguel G. Maturino Y Manzanera at
    Dr. Miguel G. Maturino Y Manzanera

  • knowledge

    Orozco’s Pueblo Mexicano used to hang on the wall of the living room in the influential architect Luis Barragan’s House and Studio. The house is a world heritage site and Barragan is a Pritzker winning architect (Nobel Prize of architecture)

  • Mrs Milty

    I visited Guadalajara recently and had the pleasure of seeing the burning man along with the rest of his murals in Cabanas and Palacio de Govierno. They are AMAZING to say the least. Miguel Hidalgo in Palacio de Govierno is so overwhelmingly alive. The view as you walk up the stairs was like slow motion. I recommend visiting Guadalajara for this and the rest of it’s beauty.

  • Hannah

    Wow these are amazing!
    I just don’t get what message he was trying to get across for a lot of them.
    Does anyone care enough to try to explain this to me?

  • Linda Brown

    I have an Orozco work that was recently suggested is probably a print, titled “Zapatistas”. I might be willing to sell it, if you are interested. At one point in the past, I recall seeing a print listed for sale on e-bay with bids starting at $500.00. If you are interested, contact me.

  • mw.


    Contact me @

    If you wish to sell your print. I will purchase it.

  • gina

    yo tengo un amigo q tienen en su casa en Puebla un cuadro de Orozco segun el vale como 70 pues no es muy grande y esta muy bello pero los vale?

  • Moises

    Hell people i was just wodering what type of paint did he use in the Gods of the Modern World painting and did he use a canvas?

  • george jones

    I didn’t know about Orozco until I saw this documentary a couple of years ago, and since then, I’ve remained enthralled by his way of putting his feelings onto a surface. I’m 51 years old, so that may have some bearing on the fact that to me, most of his work looks a bit like the best Pink Floyd album cover that could have ever existed. Love his perspective and talent! :)

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