July 7th, 2004
Judy Garland
Career Timeline

  • Nice

    Very nice timeline!

  • kelly


  • samuel bell

    This is great!!!

  • taught me more about judy garland that i did not know thank you!!!!

  • Shyana

    Sad that she died. She was a great atress and amazing singer. Loved her in The Wizard of Oz. I wanna go back to Kansas too. LOL:). R.I.P Judy. You are missed.

  • Kendyl

    I love Judy Garland. She inspires me. She is the best. I am only 15 years old and i love for who she is. if she was alive i wish i could sing with her.

  • judy whitmer

    As my mom tells it, i was named after Judy Garland and we share the same birthday..june 10th.

  • Dorrit Takach

    Ever since I saw Wizard of Oz as a child on T.V., I fell in love with the film, and her. She really showed us her life, her ups and downs. Her talent will never be seen again..

  • Kim Amos

    She died to young. Was a real star!

  • sara

    I love Judy Garland. Great talent and wonderful woman!


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