September 16th, 2010
LENNONYC: Beyond Broadcast
Episode 2: Bob Gruen

Bob GruenBob Gruen was friends with John and Yoko almost from the moment they arrived in New York City in 1971. Gruen, who has photographed Tina Turner, Joe Strummer, Green Day, and Ozzy Osborn, among dozens of other bands, has perhaps the most complete record of John’s time in New York. He took the two iconic photos of John Lennon from this period: the New York City t-shirt photo, and John in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Download the MP3 here or listen below.

Each podcast will consist of slightly edited interviews conducted for the film American Masters LENNONYC introduced by Susan Lacy, series creator and executive producer of American Masters and a producer of LENNONYC and Michael Epstein, director/writer of LENNONYC. New “episodes” will post weekly every Thursday until the Thursday after broadcast on November 22.  The final episode will be a question and answer session using the best questions submitted by users via email at  The content will be available here on the American Masters Web site and iTunes. Users can check back in these locations or subscribe to keep up to date with the newest episodes.

Slated to appear on later podcasts are Bob Gruen, personal friend and Lennon photographer, Jim Keltner, drums on various Lennon/Ono albums, Elton John, musician, and Yoko Ono, multi-media artist and peace activist.

  • Doug Shiloh

    Gruen’s work is top notch and his story is a must for any music fan and anyone who wants to know about the 20th century. He wasn’t just an observer – he was part of the scene. His work revealed the Dreamers who entertained and enlightened us.

  • Deborah Carrino

    Great interview. A lot of this has already been said by John and Yoko in interviews that were played on radio and in their album “Heartplay, unfinished dialogue”, but it’s good to hear it all again. I love and miss that man so much, we need him here now.

  • bruce picken

    have listened to the first interview and part of the second and can’t figure out why the interviewers sound like they’re in a cave. have to listen to the the subject for a bit before you know what question was asked…..


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