October 28th, 2010
LENNONYC: Beyond Broadcast
Episode 8: Colin Hall of Mendips and Colin Hanton of The Quarrymen
John Lennon. © David Spindel.

John Lennon. © David Spindel.

Colin Hall, the curator at Mendips, John’s childhood home, and Colin Hanton, the original drummer for The Quarrymen talk about Liverpool, American Rock ‘N’ Roll, and John’s childhood relationship with his Aunt Mimi and his mother, Julia.

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Each podcast will consist of slightly edited interviews conducted for the film American Masters LENNONYC introduced by Susan Lacy, series creator and executive producer of American Masters and a producer of LENNONYC and Michael Epstein, director/writer of LENNONYC. New “episodes” will post weekly every Thursday until the Thursday after broadcast on November 22. The final episode will be a question and answer session using the best questions submitted by users via email at lennonycpodcasts@thirteen.org. The content will be available here on the American Masters Web site and iTunes. Users can check back in these locations or subscribe to keep up to date with the newest episodes.

  • Scott M

    Great job! Sounds like you’ve boosted the “Q’s” so they’re much easier to hear now… I found this episode a wonderful companion piece to the recent “Nowhere Boy” film. Thanks for these wonderful podcasts!

  • Tony (aka Pismotality)

    Again, an excellent pair of interviews – so glad they’ve been made available even if they are beyond the scope of the documentary (which I hope the BBC will show at some point here in Britain). I found the Colin Hall one particularly illuminating for its explanation of the appeal of rock’n'roll to youngsters like Lennon and the way it would have seemed purely “frivolous” to many of Mimi’s generation who had experienced the wartime bombing of Liverpool, not to mention “subversive” in a Britain which was still class-ridden, “challenging the established order of life in the United Kingdom.” And good to see he correctly links rock’n'roll to John’s earlier love of BBC radio programme The Goon Show, with its mockery of authority figures. Like many of the probable audience for this podcast, I already know much of this story well, but it’s told here with particular clarity and vividness.

  • filmmessages.com

    PBS … Nobody does it better!

  • bruce picken

    ENJOYED both interviews, but the inference seemed to be that britain was somehow kind of tightassed while the states was not. you’d think that rock and roll was accepted without a problem in the states–which is certainly not true. was considered so subversive that after a few years frankie avalon, bobby rydell, fabian to name a few, had managed to turn it into pablum with the help of the record companies. took the beatles to rescue it. britain, of course, was riven with class, but the belief that the u.s. wasn’t isn’t true either….


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