April 3rd, 2012
Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel
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Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel engages leading historians, biographers and personal friends to reveal a complex woman who experienced profound identity shifts during her life and struggled with the two great issues of her day: the changing role of women and the liberation of African Americans. A charismatic force until a tragic accident lead to her death at age 48, Mitchell rebelled against the stifling social restrictions placed on women: as an unconventional tomboy, a defiant debutante, a brazen flapper, one of Georgia’s first female newspaper reporters, and, later, as a philanthropist who risked her life to fund African American education. Emmy®-winning executive producer/writer Pamela Roberts uses reenactments based on Mitchell’s personal letters and journals to show how her upbringing and romantic relationships influenced the creation of Gone With the Wind. The film also explores Scarlett and Rhett’s place as two of the world’s greatest lovers and the public’s initial reception to the book and David O. Selznick’s 1939 epic film – from racial lightning rod to model for survival. 2012 marks the 75th anniversary of Mitchell’s Pulitzer Prize win for the only book published during her lifetime and Gone With the Wind’s lasting popularity seems permanently etched in the American cultural landscape.

  • Janet Dombrowski

    Will American Masters Margaret Mitchell be repeated in the near future? Thank You

  • louise Gaardsmoe

    So perfect. Would like to buy a DVD of the two bios..Mitchell and Harper Lee

  • MC

    Growing up I watched the movie once a year when it aired on television. Only years later did my husband watch it for the first time and loved it. There is a familiarity in this story that is ingrained in our culture and there is something in each character that we relate to or aspire to. In the end the story forces you to ask yourself, “What would you do under the same circumstance of war?”

  • Mary Mitchell

    When I was in high school one summer I read Gone With The Wind and the last pages were read while on Clancy’s Beach, Brewster, NY.

    I see myself so clearly although than I could not see the pages clearly through my tears. I made a promise that day to my self, if I ever have a daughter I will name her Tara.

    I kept that promise, my first daughter was born on 7/3/72 and I named herTara Nora.

  • Jeanette Allison

    I would very much like to order this DVD. PLEASE tell me how to do this.

  • Nick Nichols

    This is one of the greatest documentaries I have ever watched. Thank you so much.

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