May 7th, 2008
Marvin Gaye
Career Timeline

  • shannon

    =] im so happy!

  • ashley

    me too :)

  • cedric


  • trina

    I have fallen in love w/ Marvin all over again!!!!!! He is the greatest!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    The world is so blessed to have experienced the music of Marvin…your music will live forever Marvin…

  • Shaunna

    Truly an angel, divine appointment on this Earth. For an individual to endure the crushing rejection of a parent, in addition to the abuse is beyond most people’s comprehension…..yet he not only achieved his goals as a singer but did so in such a poignant manner. He was a troubled man, but he left an indelible mark in this world musically. We usually think when someone dies so young, and so very gifted, that it ought not have been…. I say he was sent, and his mission here was fulfilled.


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