June 3rd, 2009
Neil Young
Live at Massey Hall 1971

Watch Neil Young perform some of his strongest work from this intimate, solo acoustic set recorded January 19, 1971 at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada.

Old Man


A Man Needs a Maid / Heart of Gold Suite

  • Michael Kramer

    Neil Young is one of very few artists who’s contribution to music is as vital and important today as it was when he started in the 60’s. He is an artist true to the muse, thought provoking, heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time. I am a huge fan and look foward to Neil’s next endeavor.

  • daniel

    this rules. also see nick cave’s cover of “helpless” for additional ruling:


  • Tim

    If you enjoy live Neil, it is a can’t miss. Rough, loud, and subtly arrogant. Just the way he’s meant to be enjoyed.

  • Kim

    I know this sounds so cliche and dated, but…
    “Neil Young is a (my) musical GOD” Long May He Run!

  • mcgraw

    neil is a canadian legend and american master!

  • Athena

    This is a must-see if you are a great fan of his like I am! Neil is a well-grounded, musical genius who walks-his-talk and doesn’t cower to other’s demands, standing firm and strong with his beliefs and values. His personal qualities contribute to his success and this film brings this out. Long Live Neil Young in our hearts and souls!

  • Jack Meeusen

    Just taking this opportunity, this is for all times and honours mankind in a global and universal way. I feel a lot like you are.

  • Rusting In Peace

    I agree, Athena. But I didn’t need to watch the program. In fact, it was so boring I had to turn it off after a while. Everything I want to know about Neil Young was through his music or through his performances over the years.

    Television special like this are nothing but marketing ploys or creepy voyeurism.

    No wonder he’s so rich and private, too.

  • Dan

    I always saw Niel’s ruthless pursuit of the muse in these lyrics:

    They had the best selection,
    They were poisoned with protection
    There was nothing that they needed,
    Nothing left to find
    They were lost in rock formations
    Or became park bench mutations
    On the sidewalks
    and in the stations
    They were waiting, waiting.

    So I got bored and left them there,
    They were just deadweight to me
    Better down the road
    without that load

    …he had his own row to hoe…


  • Rev.Robert Ashley Beagle

    Neil Young is absolutely awesome! I have been a huge fan for 25 years now!

  • rev.Robert Ashley Beagle

    I am a super huge fan! I have been a fan for over 25 years. Cant get enough of him or CSN & Y.

  • Angelo

    Such an eclectic moving performer, Neil Young’s musical legacy is secure for generations to come. “A Man Needs a Maid” is particularly affecting and leaves the listener with goose bumps…

  • James Heaney

    Nice work on the Neil Young American Masters documentary!! Now you need to do one on Stephen Stills, a superior song writer, singer, and guitar player. If you dig into it, you will find that Mr. Stills historical persepective had a much greater and lasting impact of that of his friend!!! Look into it!!!

  • Sass

    Such a tortured soul. A man of greta thought, depth & composure. I’m so glad he wanted to share it with the rest of the world! I’ve had the absolute pleasure of seeing this man in concert 7 times. “keep on rockin in the free world” man! My favorite song is “Inca Queen”, which never got any air time! Thanks Neil!

  • Kathy Randolph

    In Reno we also didn’t get the rebroadcast after it was scheduled to show. Please replay here. Love Neil and would like to purchase the DVD? When will it be for sale???


    This man soothes my soul.

  • Daniel Pflughoft

    I’m 49, listening to Neil young since i was 16. Read his book. He is one screwed up man and yet he is a genius. Pours his heart out into the music, he plays for the music, watch today and he’s making love with the guitar, he moves like he’s young again.

  • Doug Harris

    I am 11,000 miles away, 38 years since this concert and still touched by the very real impact of this music. To denigrate Neil is simply bad manners,he rocks and he communicates.

  • andy schwertman

    neil young’s music ROCKS

  • Michael Walker

    I am a black man.I grew up in a small Pennsylvania town.We were only a hand full.It was a rough period in time for black folks. Neil Young touched my heart;dare I say, my soul.His melodies I carried with me from then until this moment.The first time I heard Old Man, I cried.I think I was 16. I did the same thing when I first heard Tracy Chapman. There is truth and honesty in his words.

  • Tess Parker

    It was 1971 when I fell in love with “Old Man,” and it still remains one of my favorites. MICHAEL KRAMER, if you are the same Kramer from Banner Elk 10-11 years ago…you did a wonderful rendition of that tune yourself. This is Tess…Chain of Fools? ANYWAY, The DVD Heart of Gold is the most awesome experience. The narrative alone is enough to make one purchase it…the the music.. ah, the music!

  • francis

    quel classe ce neil franchement trop bien j adore connais depuis 1973 et tjrs aussi fan

  • Alan Finlayson

    Can I purchase the pbs program “Don’t be denied”. Will it be rebroadcast?

  • timsored

    Like Dylan, Neil Young is the embodiment of a certain spirit that began to grow and thrive as
    he did. Or maybe it was always there and he was
    able to help capture it. In any event being a
    part of that spirit is what I believe brings
    such power to his music. A power that will remain.

  • Elmer

    Neil is a lot like the Old Man because he herds his fans like the old man herded cows. Neil kept flocks of chickens when he was a teenager.

  • don meyer

    In 1991 I was filling my bike at a two pump station in Spearfish Canyon during Sturges week. The guy filling his bike next to me was Neil, never thought I could be star struck at my age, witch happens to be the same 1945. He gave me a ticket to his concert that night in Rapid, opening band Sound Garden.Niels band that night was Booker T and the MG’s I’ll never forget it.

  • Meister

    Saw a solo austic show in 99. In Illinois at the Rosemont theater was one of the best shows I have ever been to. Neil played piano, banjo, mandlin, and of course guitar. I think I liked Comes a time the most but He also played all three of these. I think I still have the T-shirt. Way better then a CSNY show. Neil steals the show every time. I would give up everything I thing I own wich has never been alot to go back in time and see him do the self titled album…And then ask him about last trip to Talsa.

  • elle

    he moved so carefully, like the man he is going to be.

  • Dan K

    I got my 1st Neil Young album at about 15 or 16, Tonights the Night. I was looking for the song by Rod Stewart (Did not have good taste in music then). I looked thru every album for the title in the record store until I found the song.Obviously it was not the song I thought. Best mistake in music I ever made. Have been a huge fan of his ever since.

  • Christopher Emanuel

    Wow…I first fell in love with “Harvest”, latter I discovered “On The Beach” and “Zuma” and others. Lord, how his music touched my soul during a rough road in my life. It was both soothing and disturbing at the same time. I don’t know any other artist who has moved me as he has. And I was lucky enough to meet him in 1990 during the Ragged Glory tour in New Orleans. He was a very kind man.

  • Gary (Tortuga)

    Thank You, Mr. Neil Young, I am grateful to be one of many who haven’t been denied hearing your music and tuning into your lyrics over the years. Thank you PBS for your American Master’s presentation.

  • Tymochtee

    Great quality on these recordings. Neil’s evolution as a person and and artist shows up over the years as he can play a song without it sounding the same twice. BTW, he mentions how “it isn’t much fun: to bend down to pick up his pick. This concert was one of the times when his bad back was really causing him serious pain. As the consummate professional he fought through it and still managed to make the music magically; then and now. Thanks for sharing.
    Stay young, Neil.

  • aich mohamed

    great musician and the good video. one more please thanks

  • Christian

    well … so great. his lyrics will never get old. they are timeless. he moved my soul. I´m getting older and going on forward throughout the times with his voice and his words in my mind. thank you Neil!

  • Steve

    audio on the “Old Man” clip is extremely low, even with speakers.

  • Bjarne Lindquist

    That is what Music is about…

  • ken dagostin

    I first remember heart of gold when it came out. It planted in me the desire to learn how to play a harmonica, I’m 53 now. I Stared with muddy waters and the harp players with him to my ear hit in it right on the money.
    Later getting back into heart of gold now sounds to me on the same level.
    Raw blues and raw country, it doesn’t get better.

  • Bob Lavender

    I was first introduced to Neil Young by my older sister and the DeJa Vu album.Then came after the gold rush,which i played so much as a kid i had to put a penny on the needle to keep it in the groves.then came harvest,on the beach,zuma(my all time fav) and on and on…then just last year i finally got to see my hero.Neil solo on his gulfcoast tour.wow right here in podunk usa…from the very first note to the very last one i was awstruck..i as a grown man actually cried when i got back to my truck…i was complete… i had at last seen NEIL YOUNG..!!!!

  • Robert

    Bill Lavender, that is a beautiful thing that you wrote. As a fortunate fan who lives exactly midway between NYC and Boston I’ve been able to see Neil many times. I am so happy for you.

  • mary gray

    what can i say? his name says it all…..

  • Wally Hood

    I would just like to thank Neil personally from the bottom of my heart and soul for all the great memories I have of listening and harmonizing to your songs! priceless ! Helped me through many great and hard times. You are my “best friend I have never meet” THANK-YOU ! DEAR BROTHER FROM AKRON OHIO. ROCKERS TILL WE DIE !

  • Andy P.

    i watched this special 3 times(lol) wow,was it ever great!!
    i’ve been a fan of Neil’s for decades,but i’ve never owned any of his recordings before.i just got back into collecting vinyl again last year.i found some near-mint copies of 4-Way Street(CSNY),After the Gold Rush & Everybody Knows This is Nowhere at a flea market~i cannot tell you how how much i cried and sang along with all the songs.they are masterpieces of music for all time.i can’t believe i lived so many years without these wonderful records to enjoy..no more! i’m going to play them ’til my amplifiers blow-up! Thank You So Much,Neil!!!

  • bob heyer

    great to see the massey hall video.in 1968 i bought his 1st album. i was a 17 yr old former drummer who had become a folk singer 2 yrs before, bob,of course was my role model/hero. but alas he was in woodstock raising his family and had dropped out of music for a couple years. neil’s 1st album introduced me to my next inspiration/hero. when i moved to l.a. in 1970 with my band we found ourselves rubbing shoulders with everyone from doug sahm to an unknown warren zevon. knowing i was in neil’s neighborhood (and recording in studios where he worked) made me realize i was in hog heaven doing what i dreamed.our band and counter culture visions held on even though we moved back to st. louis. i now live and play music in portland and love knowing he’s down the coast fom me at his ranch with his family. thanx for a life time of pleasure and inspiration. (we called ourselves freaks back then,not hippies) love to all who love him and still carry the torch. (check out my “war song” on neil’s ‘living with war’ website)

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