October 19th, 2011
Pearl Jam Twenty
Preview Clip: Eddie Vedder's Epic Stage Dives

In this excerpt from Cameron Crowe’s Pearl Jam Twenty, the band reflects on Eddie Vedder’s penchant for taking stage diving to new heights, plus a montage of some his greatest and highest concert dives, including the 1992 Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands. American Masters Pearl Jam Twenty premieres nationwide Friday, October 21, 2011 at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings) as part of the first PBS Arts Fall Festival.

  • tisna

    Yellow ladbatter

  • daren

    I was at one of those shows when he did that! It totally freaked out the stage guys….. I could see the fear in their eyes. It really did go far beyond what even the fans wanted…… It’s amazing he never got hurt.

  • karmakvisser

    Eddie Vedder is just too cool! He is a true poet. You just have to work to figure out the lyrics.

  • Sehb

    when will we see it in France ???

  • Erin

    Will it be played in Australia at all??

  • Dbsrv

    I was at Lollapalooza 92′ and watched Eddie climb a rope ladder up about 40 feet in the air. He was hanging on by one arm singing “Once”…pretty freaking amazing! Pearl Jam is the greatest band of my generation!

  • pelamun

    it’s fun to climb…

    I have not climbed again for 20 years

  • justin cee

    only got to see them once…the yield tour in st louis..past the stage diving, but still a performer for the ages.

  • daveydmx68

    mr veder is surely in a class of his own,one of a kind and keeps it real

  • Galva777

    I was fortunate to see them twice. Once in Las Cruces New Mexico and here in Dallas Texas several several years ago Dennis Rodman showed up to that one and lifted Eddie V. up on his shoulders and was walking around on stage with him sight too see. They are a great group who put out excellent music that I think plenty of people can relate to. Keep Rockin P.J. as I look in my Rear View Mirror…

  • mercedes

    It was excellent.. I think it was so difficult to choice between some songs .. I would include all of them!.. Waiting for sunday! (argentina)


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