February 27th, 2008
Pete Seeger
Career Timeline

  • Louis M. D’agostino

    Sometime during the past 6 months I watched a wonderful’special’ about Pete Seeeger featuring aspects of his life particularly his songs including “Irene good night’ The special was about one hour and I contributed to the fund raiser but never received the dvd and cd that was promised.
    I am willing to make another contribution (or purchase directly but I cannot find it. Can you help?
    Both my wife (Irene) and me would be most grateful.
    Thank You

  • jane s. chapman

    The special about Pete Seeger at first interested me as there is also a Bob Seeger also a singer. Though my question was not answered I have a good hunch they are related. The Pete Seeger special showed how a simple folk musician just wanted to entertain people and fought our government for decades for he sang with Martin Luther King, he wanted unity not segregation and for everyone to have a voice the voice we have in this country or we are taught. The song “Good Night Irene” was featured. All songs featured were written by Mr. Seeger. The special melted my heart and took me back to the time I first remembered. If you write to pbs.org on line or your local pbs station they can help you find the information you need.Thank you pbs for showing us Roger Mcguinn without hat or glasses. Did a 60’s rocker good.

  • Norliyana

    Don’t forget! He also rallied with those at Occupy Wall Street, played songs on his all famous banjo! :)

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