January 1st, 2010
Sam Cooke
Crossing Over

THIRTEEN’s American Masters celebrates the wonderful world of music game-changer and definitive soul singer Sam Cooke in Sam Cooke: Crossing Over, airing Monday, January 11 at 9 p.m. on PBS

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Narrated by Danny Glover, the film features archival footage and interviews with Cooke’s family and intimates including Muhammad Ali, Herb Albert, James Brown, Dick Clark, Smokey Robinson, Jerry Wexler, and more.

Sam Cooke put the spirit of the Black church into popular music, creating a new American sound and setting into motion a chain of events that forever altered the course of popular music and race relations in America. With You Send Me in 1957, Cooke became the first African American artist to reach #1 on both the R&B and the pop charts. It was risky for this young gospel performer to alienate his fans by embracing “the devil’s music” – but he proved, with his pop/gospel hybrid, that it was, indeed, possible to win over white teenage listeners and keep his faithful church followers intact.

American Masters Sam Cooke: Crossing Over premiering nationally, Monday, January 11, 2010 at 9 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings), features interviews with Muhammad Ali, Lou Adler, Herb Albert, James Brown, Jimmy Carter, Mel Carter, Dick Clark, Sam Moore, Earl Palmer, Billy Preston, Lou Rawls, Smokey Robinson, Jerry Wexler, Bobby Womack and more. The film is produced by John Antonelli and D. Channsin Berry and directed by Antonelli. Susan Lacy is the series creator and executive producer of American Masters. American Masters is a production of THIRTEEN in association with WNET.ORG – one of America’s most prolific and respected public media providers.

“Before Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke already heated up the charts with his unique blend of sensuality and spirituality,” says Susan Lacy, series creator and executive producer of American Masters, a seven-time winner of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Primetime Non-Fiction Series. “His smooth songs and sophisticated phrasing influenced artists from Al Green to Alicia Keys. And Cooke’s legacy reaches far beyond music boundaries. Spike Lee featured ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ in his film Malcolm X and the same song inspired President Obama’s speech. Who else besides an American Master can make such claims?”

Cooke’s career was tragically short, but meteoric at every stage. From early childhood, his silky, soaring voice electrified the congregation at his father’s First Baptist Church in Chicago. By the age of 19, he became lead vocalist for the popular gospel group The Soul Stirrers, heard in churches and jook joints and night clubs all along the Chitlin Circuit, from Chicago through the South to LA and back again. He redefined the genre and became gospel’s first iconic, and ironically, sexy superstar. Women began to flock to concerts to experience Sam, not Jesus!

Professionally, things continued to come easily to Cooke. You Send Me went gold, selling over a million records, and was followed by Soothe Me, Feel It, Bring It On Home to Me, Wonderful World, Cupid, Twistin’ the Night Away – all of which hit the charts within a two-year period. In combining two worlds, his constant challenge was to sing meaningful lyrics with the fervor of gospel and the romance of pop. He came closest with Chain Gang, observed and written during the Civil Rights era and with the poignant, biting lyrics and melody of A Change is Gonna Come in 1962, fashioned out of the depth of personal pain and loss.

Sam Cooke accomplished what no other black performer had ever even attempted, founding his own music publishing and record label, opening doors for and writing material for other artists – mentoring Aretha Franklin and launching Otis Redding. He had the courage to take an open stand against racism, refusing to perform at a segregated venue in the south and garnering the support of Dick Clark. But, his story ends abruptly at the height of his success when, at the age of 32 in 1964, he was, inexplicably, gunned down and killed in the company of a prostitute – leaving a profound legacy filled with extraordinary talent – and all the questions about what might have been.

  • QueenBee5001

    Sad! What a great voice, also, Gone Too Soon! RIP Brother Sam!

  • Joan Prezioso

    Can’t express how happy I am that you are giving Sam Cooke his due as an “American Master”.I look forward to this program with great anticipation.

    Sam Cooke’s influence pours out of so many singers such as Bruce Springsteen,Rod Stewrart and countless others.

    Thank you for this.

  • Roy Shuler

    As a huge fan, it’s great to see Sam getting his due. 45 years after his death, he STILL casts a large shadow on both music and the business of music today. While I’m dismayed that your site lists a few errors (he died at 33, ‘Change’ was released after his death in ‘64), if this is anything like the American Master Series that was done back in 2005, it ought to be a treat. That celebration was done as a joint effort between the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Case Western Reserve University.

  • Vince Fazio

    I found out about Sam Cooke in the mid-1980s. I bought his records. My brother heard me listening to him. I asked him what happened to Sam Cooke, he told me he was shot, under some seedy circumstances…listening to his records, I wish I never knew. I will watch the show, but oh how wish, like many other greats, he lived to reach his potential.

  • Bob Marovich – The Black Gospel Blog

    I think it’s great that there’s a documentary about Sam Cooke and look forward to viewing it. Thank you for making it available.

    I am concerned about the way the sentence above reads: “[Cooke] became lead vocalist for the popular gospel group The Soul Stirrers, heard in churches and jook joints and night clubs all along the Chitlin Circuit…”

    This sentence suggests the Stirrers, not just Cooke, sang in jook joints and night clubs, and they did not. They sang in churches, high school auditoriums, theaters and stadiums, but not jook joints or night clubs. That was against their religious principles as a quartet.

  • vera cruz

    What a treat!

    Hopefully. the next show will be about the great Jackie Wilson, who also came to a tragic end.

    Thanks for the memories, guys. RIP.

  • Yusuf Ali

    Sam appeals to everyone. The music lover, church goer and the entrepreneur.

  • Linda L Saenz

    “YOU SEND ME”, Sam Cooke another one Gone Too Soon. I am so looking forward to Monday, Jan. 11, 2010, so many will see an amazing artist. RIP and we Loved You then and We Love You NOW!

  • Joe McLaney

    FAB!! I can’t wait to see this program.Sam Cooke is a legend,he’s my all time favourite artist.
    As a child growing up in Glasgow,Scotland i’d listen to my fathers records,one voice stood out above all others.I was hooked from the young age of 5yrs although unbeknown to me the singer with the soaring angelic voice had departed this earth in tragic circumstances (December 1964) almost 2 yrs before i was born!
    Sam Cooke is timeless…he’ll live forever and shows like this will help introduce the great man’s life and music to future generations of music lovers..oh,what a treat they’re in for!


  • Eugene Jamison

    I can’t wait for this to air on Jan. 11, 2010. Everyone knows what a talented singer and performer Sam was, however, very few people know of his accomplishements as a businessman. My uncle was the first African American artist to own his own record label (SAR), publishing company(KAGS), and Tracy Ltd. production company, as well as all of his masters. All of this was done at a time when a Black man with this much power made a lot of people very nervous on a number of levels. My sincerest thanks to PBS for bringing the “back story” to the forefront. Please watch this documentary, tell your friends to watch, and call your local PBS station and let them know!

  • JA

    I have been waiting for this film to be done for years.

  • Barbara Duckett

    What a wonderful world it would be if Sam was with us today. I miss him so much.

  • Reggie McDaniel

    As a member of the Sam Cooke Fan Club and founding member, it is great to see another well produced documentary on Sam Cooke. He is without doubt the greatest and most influential artist of the last 50 years. Sam was 33 when he was killed and Change Gonna Come was recorded in Jan. 1964 just to make a couple minor corrections to text above. We fan club members have a pet peeve on getting facts correct. I look fwd to the documentary and will pass it along to all I know.

  • Christina McGinnis

    I am thrilled this is happening. Can’t wait to see it.

  • Lynnette – Portland, OR

    This can be a great teaching/reaching opportunity in rememberance of such a dynamic person…can’t wait tho view this program.

  • ejones

    As a young child my father would play his music and I was and still am mesmerized by his unique vocals. Right now their is no one that can compare to Sam Cooke’s silky heartfelt sound he was the epitome of the soul singer.

  • Cynthia Nagle

    Oh WOW! I cannot wait for this to air on January 11. I love everything by Sam Cooke that I’ve managed to hear (I’m sure there are songs I’ve missed – I hope I discover some new ones in the show!) There is something truly transcendent about his voice. It’s so spiritual in a way I can’t describe. Very much looking forward to this, and I hope many others tune in and discover another real American Master!

  • Johnny G

    I’m 25 yr’s old, and I really got into Sam Cooke, about 2 years ago. I knew who he was, but I never had an opportunity to check out his entire body of work. There will never be another Sam Cooke again. ” Laughing & Clownin ” from his Night Beat album is my favorite song by him. If you haven’t heard it, find it!

  • Patti Leonard

    Sam Cooke’s popularity transcends all age groups. I remember when I first heard his music in the 70’s I thought I had discovered him. My parents loved him, and my children love him. His music is genius yet classic. Imagine if he had lived longer. What a Wonderful World this would be. Thank you so much for airing this show.

  • John Steele

    Sam Cooke , magic. Growing up in the Uk in the 60s he was my idol and still is today. RIP SAM YOU LIVE ON THROUGH YOUR MUSIC.
    PS I hope we will get a chance to watch this program on line sometime

  • Scott Albin

    Hopefully this American Masters bio will be as good as the 2001 “VH1 Legends: Sam Cooke.” It will be hard to top that 2001 effort, which I fortunately taped. Let’s hope all the talking heads don’t get too much in the way tonight.

  • Lillie Mae Fears

    I have been a fan of Sam Cooke since I was a little girl. Now, my 8-year-old nephew and 7-year-old niece are hooked on his rendition of “Change Gonne Come.” They stumbled upon it while watching Tyler Perry’s movie “Daddy’s Little Girls” in which Perry inserts the entire song in a scene toward the end of the movie. I thought they were hooked on the movie at first; then I discovered that it was the song that had them mesmerized!! Wow!

  • vaughn

    Sam Cooke was truly a man ahead of his time…he was a gift to the world. His vision, talent and commitment to the civil rights struggle was legendary. I hope everyone gets a chance to see this piece. Wow, thank you PBS.

  • Michael Bullock

    Sam Cooke, was a Popular Legend Talent Man, his voice was so nice, energy and heartful. I always Listen Sam Cooke everytime, include his Birthday, also his death.
    Sam Cooke’s Birthday is 10 days til’ 22nd of Friday at age of 79 years old. his music will go on and on Forever. My Favorite song is “You Send Me” was a #1 hit of R&B 1957, Chain Gang, & “Ain’t That Good News” that song was a outstanding ’cause the rhythm of the band. Thanks a lot God Bless U, Sam Cooke RIP.

  • SBLOVE99

    Sam’s voice lives forever! Love ya!

  • Beverly Lewis

    Sam Cooke. What can I say? He was an innovative man whose soulfulness, at least for me, will never be forgotten. “You Send Me” and everything else that followed, were some of the purest love songs that I have ever heard. He was a business man also, and that aspect about him, at that particular time in American history, really stands out for me. Thank You PBS. You’ve got it going on!!! Keep the good stories coming!!!!

  • Wanda

    I will see this program! This program is the perfect timing!! It was exactly one month ago today that the 45th anniversary of Sam Cooke’s untimely and tragic death was observed!!

  • j.c.

    Sorry everyone but he was a judas leaving his faith for the world!

  • Opelousas

    Sam Cook was the first person to come to our little town in Louisiana wearing blue jeans and a leather coat…that was like, wow look at this cat! He was real smooth and cool.

  • aileen jennings

    I loved Sam Cooke and still do to this day ! I remember the day he was killed ! He was a great singer and is missed !

  • Opelousas

    Sam Cook was the first person to come to our little town in Louisiana wearing blue jeans and a leather coat…that was like, wow look at this cat! After that it was the new style of town. He was real smooth and cool.

  • P. Brantley

    i caught the tail-end of the sam cooke special. oh how i love that man! he sang songs that u actually felt & didn’t need all the props artists of today use (he only needed a mike and a stool). he was a man that women wanted & men wanted 2 be like. i still believe the story surrounding his death has more holes in it than swiss cheese & truly believe that he was set up after making changes in his career & life. may God have mercy on his soul & may he forever rest in peace knowing he has a fan 4 life!

    thank u pbs 4 sharing this story. maybe you’ll jumpstart hollywood into turning sam’s life into a motion picture.

  • vicky

    I never knew who Sam Cooke was but I lived in New Orleans in the lat 60’s and was a teenager and I loved his music, and still love to hear it today, it was what i would call soul music, because it touched my soul, and I am certainly glad to see this show, to identify him a face with the music that i love and hold a lot of memories for me, such a great loss to us. I don’t remember the tragedy of the loss of his life, but i realize it today!!

  • Carol

    Just saw the show – what a treat for a cold, wintery night. The warmth of his music, his voice and his all-around talent shone through every moment of the program, which, like his life, was too short. But beautiful.

  • NETW

    Wow. What a great piece. Sam Cooke’s music *still* soothes my soul, all these many years later. Thanks, PBS.

  • Pat D

    Great program. Want to see it again. Hope it will be available for purchase soon.

  • Raymond Doolarbill BLanks

    THis give more of understanding of The music of Sam Cook and his life.



  • James Cadman

    You Send Me- I remember dancing at a school (sock hop) to Sams music. Thanks PBS good job…

  • James Cadman

    Thanks PBS…good job…

  • Fran Smoot Nicklas

    I watched the program tonight, hadn’t planned on it, just sat down to rest and checked to see what was on the tube. When seeing that Sam Cook was coming on PBS I said oh my goodness I have got to watch this, I have not heard Sam Cook sing in many ages. Thank you for sharing his story, he was a very special man. Hearing his songs bought back memories. He was so good, so brave, so talented. It was so very sad to loose him. He not only gave us great music but did so much for others with his studio and his mentoring. Sometimes I do wonder why such wonderful gifted and giving people have to die so young. His choice of companionship was not good the night we lost him and it costed him his life. It could of happened to anyone, why did it have to happen to Sam? A man who was breaking barriers in so many ways. Thanks again for putting this together, I loved it, it also reminded me of this great artist I listened to many years ago, who’s music I loved, but today I learned more of his story. He was an extraordinary man. As he wrote the song after hearing Martin Luther King give his “I have a dream” speech I said to myself, “You Sam are doing somewhat the same thing.” You Sam are breaking barriers and opening the path for new things, new happenings. These things should of been free to you before, now you were helping to make it much better for the people you are mentoring, the people who will come after you and the people who are here with you now. Blessings to you all. Let’s keep Sam Cook’s memory alive!

  • Clarence Middleton

    Sam Cooke was the great singer/song writer , who was taken away to early. He was here for a short time, the greatest die young. The music that he left behind, R&B or Gospel will always inspire the young artist any era.

  • Sheila Anne

    What a wonderful documentary. Sam Cooke a beautiful man , spirit, artist, thank you for airing this piece, and most of all , Thank You Mr. Cooke…………………

  • Barbara Ballard

    As a small child I used to listen to my father’s tapes, and heard Sam and fell in love with his voice. every song he sung was great, thank you for airing the program, it was wonderful…..RIP Sam

  • Barbara Ballard

    As a small child I used to listen to my father’s tapes, and heard Sam Cook and fell in love with his voice, every song he sung was great, thank you for airing the program, it was wonderful….RIP Sam

  • Ted Williams

    This was an excellent production–as well as eye-opening one: since his death until tonight–56 years later–I had always mis-heard the story of how Sam died: nonsense about some Asian lady shooting him at the club…I never heard the fact that it was a black female hotel Manager…and of course the Asian was lying about Sam attempting to rape her…here we go again with another Tyson Story…

  • jeannie

    I would like to purchase this documentary on Sam Cooke. Tell me how??

  • alex williams

    I find it amazing that this comes out about mr cooke. I have admired him thru my parents and my eyes. I was just speaking with a co worker concerning how he passed and the story that was then compared to the story now. Im 53 years old and still sing his songs on my web site ALEX WILLIAMS MUSIC


    WOW! SAM COOKE,what a guy. As a child in Jamaica I knew of his music, but I wasn’t able to hear enough of him. It is truly a pity that the ‘great die young’. I truly enjoyed the program on PBS. RIP my brother we will meet again on the other side.

  • Sharon Goodwyn-Pines

    would love to purchase video of Crossing Over/Sam Cooke really enjoyed as I was very young but very aware of Sam Cooke at the time of his tragic demise. Music fantastic and transcends a lifetime!!!!!

  • sharon G. Pines

    Loved the eposode would like to purchase dvd copy.
    Music that transcends a liftetime.

  • Stacy Harris

    Sam was a phenomenal talent.

    I’ll never forget the shock of hearing Frank Reynolds, then anchor of ABC News’ nightly network newscast, announce Cooke’s death.

    Stacy Harris
    Publisher/Executive Editor
    Stacy’s Music Row Report

  • Sharon B

    This was a Excellent program. Will Pbs show it again. I hope so

  • Zaria Griffin

    Sam Cooke, voice was amazing to listen to! As a young boy growing up in Hattiesburg Ms. dreaming of being a singer one day.Sam’s voice made you cry even when you tried not to.I remember one after listening to “you send me” i walked up to this girl,trying to be as smooth as Sam’s voice I said “Baby you send Me!” The girl looked at me and said, well go the hell on them! I was crushed!

  • Carey Carter

    Great show – I missed the first part. Will it air again?

    Huge Sam Cooke Fan!
    PS – Great Work on this Project!

  • Kimberla

    What a voice!
    Just like butter, so smooth
    You are truly missed
    You were my grandmother’s favorite singer

  • carolyn candito

    Thank You! Thank You!it was so good to hear Sam Cook once agin, I always loved his music as a little girl,but never knew about his life what a lagecy.

  • Edmund Williams

    WOW! This was great! Sam was the greatest artist that there ever was. He set the stage for countless entertainers. he did it all. Song writer, business man, record owner/producer, talent scout. He discovered Bobby Womack, Johnnie Taylor, Mel Carter, Billy Preston and so many more. He is the foundation of Soul Music. Everyone from Otis Redding, Al Green, Marvin Gaye Aretha Franklin, John Legend the list goes on and on have been influenced by his style. I have been a big fan of Sam’s music since I was a child and I’m 42 years old.I would like to see more on the Black entertainers who haven’t received their rightly due regognition like Jackie Wilson, Otis Redding,Frankie Lymon, Dinah Washington the list goes on and on. Hopefully these can be put on DVD to be purchased. Keep up the fine work PBS!!

  • Debbie Bures

    Never will forget the first time I listened to
    “You Send Me” and watched Sam Cooke sing it. Just a kid, but wow a fan to this day. Liked his confidence, and mellow ways. Never another like him.

  • l harris

    finally, some one has acknowledged this man’s historical value. I enjoyed the documentary, although, I was expecting more insight into his gospel history and the real cause of his death. Can someone reveal any live video of him performing with the the Soul Stirrers? I would appreciate it if someone could delve into the facts and timeline as it relates to his death. No one believed the statements as reported. Maybe someone who cares enough could make this a project. Where are his children? Why were they not included in this documentary? Bobby Womack should have been questioned in depth regarding his relationship with Sam’s wife. How bizarre! With friends like him, who needs enemies Just please tell the whole story, for historical references.

  • Cheryl Kliese

    Thank you for bring the story of this amazingly talented man to PBS. I knew him for his music when I was a teenager; I was unaware of his contribution to the civil rights movement.

  • Linda Bonton

    I watched this tonight, I was so moved by this man’s being. One of my favorite hits by Sam was ‘You Send Me’ – still to this day love hearing it – that voice, nothing like it. This man was so talented and gifted, taken away too soon, but like they say ‘God always takes the good’ – if this is true – God did just that. He may not be here physically, but he lives on thru his songs and we can be greatful for that.

  • SouthernLady

    Thank You PBS for the long overdue superbly told life story of Sam Cook. I have always enjoyed his music. Until the airing of your show I had not realized the depth of Mr.Cook’s phenominal accomplishments. Now I can appreciate & honor him even more.
    I would like to see a forensic team investigate his untimely (mysterious) death.

  • Bill James

    An outstanding special on the pioneer and pathfinder of Black ceross-over music. A man way before his time from music genius to the ferrari he drove, no man has been hus equal. What is a shame is many young music adults have not learned from history. A young artist should learn for Sam’s shortcomings.

  • JMR

    Thanks for your efforts in acknowledging Sam Cooke’s importance to the music history.
    Unfortunatly, one hour can’t tell the whole story. As a long-time fan, I’ve read various books and can compare this effort to Al Klein’s documentary 2003 Sam Cooke “Legend”. The PBS version contains slightly different material (good to see the late Billy Preston and James Brown, yet ABKCO (aka Allan B. Klein Company, no doubt) is more thorough and contains separate interviews. My biggest question is (now that Mr. Klein who was Sam’s accountant/manager and has recently passed): How much does Sam’s heirs/family members benefit from his catalogue, merchandising, etc.? Or are Mr. Klein’s heirs reaping the benefits? Mr. Klein has ended up with Sam’s works? Horrifying. I’m sure Sam never intended that to happen. The Klein heirs owe the Cooke families and heirs what is inherently theirs.

  • Steve

    Where can one get a list of the Sam Cooke Songs used in the Documentary? There was one song in particular, A song with him just humming. Anybody Know what that was? Thanks

  • Gayle Wolf

    Growing up in Detroit in the 50’s we loved Sam Cooke. His song “You Send Me” still thrills me. What a voice he had and what a performer he was. Thanks for this great program. I really enjoyed watching it and seeing him again.

  • cassandra mobley

    I thoroughly enjoyed the sam cook documentary that you broadcast Mon Jan 11 2010. I was wonder how can I purchase a copy of the video. Thank for the good programing.

  • Larry

    Great Show and nicely done. What a wonderful world it would be to watch this again. Online? Thanks for the mormories!

  • Tina A Battle

    I watch the biography this morning Tuesday, January 12, 2010 and it was spectacular. Oh how I pray and wish a movie would protray this wonderful life and legend of the “Man and His Music”.

    I have loved this man since the first time I heard his voice and I am 43. RIP Mr. Cooke.

  • Elliot Brown Sr.

    I almost missed the documentry, but I heard his song sung in the other room and I ran in to catch it. I have been waiting for years to see something like this on Sam. I am 55 yr.s old and I was introduced to his music when I was 19 yrs old.I was given one of his gospel 8 tracks and was inspired to sing his music and to follow Jesus! I sung his song ” touch the hem of his garment” in a quartet and traveled for a few years. Now I am pastoring a church. I thank God for the gift that Sam cooke had that touched my life and gave me the direction that I need, which was to follow Jesus Christ my lord and savior! thank you for giving Sam the reconition he deserved after all these years.P.s. I still listen to Sam when I get a chance. Pastor Elliot Brown Sr. Light of Christ Fellowship, Port Allen La.

  • Michelle Gladden

    I saw I watched and I enjoyed and learned a lot more than what I’ve already knew about this great man. It was sad and senseless how his life ended, it got me very upset brought me to tears. He definitely was before his time. May you R.I.P. Mr. Cooke you will always be loved.


    january 12th at9:43am I watch the show last night on pbs . It was so enjoyable It made me think of all the great singers that we lost much too soon, sam cooke,david ruffin jackie wilson johnny ace etc. thanks so much for the show

  • Harper

    It gave me a greater appreciation for this man.. When will it air again… ?

  • PW

    Sam Cooke, what a treat as well as a thrill. Sam has been gone for a while but his music continues to live on. I don’t think we will ever see another like him. Thanx. Keep up the good work…

  • Sondra Avent

    One of the greatest performer tha tever lived and I didn’t learn about him until my late 20’s but I am glad I did.

  • Valeria T

    He was one of best! Love his music and I hate I did not get to see him perform live.

  • M. Johnson

    This brilliant man gone to soon from us. So talented and loved to this very day. I wept after seeing this PBS special and it took me back to the 50’s and 60’s when we would listen night and day to this wonderful artist. We loved him then and today just as much.

  • c jauy

    Somebody please do a Sam Cooke “The Movie” Will Smith would be great playing Sam. RIP Sam, we still love you. Darling you send me.

  • Denise

    I’d like to know if this episode is available on DVD and where to purchase, if possible. Thanks.

  • ronda f

    I watch the show last night,it was truly a treat!I’ve always like Sam Cooke, but fell in love with him all over again. His music was and still is awesome. I have to go out and find his greatest hits so I can hear him again. He was truly gifted with a God-given talent. Thank you for the memories & history.

  • renee callender

    I was not able to see this performance but I hope it will air again soon.

  • Ervin Smith

    Will the documentary be shown again on PBS?

  • Randall L. Brown

    I just happened to turn on the TV and caught the last half hour of this program last night. Of course I was totally captivated by how much I didn’t know about his death. One of my last fond memories of my mother was my brother and I playing Sam’s greatest hits for her and watching the glee in her eyes as we all sang along. Mr. Cooke was phenomenal and was a true talent. Hopefully PBS will replay this program again soon.

  • Kare Nickols

    I’ve known of Sam Cooke growing up, I’ve just recently gotten into his music. What a wonder! I did not get a chance to see this program but I have watched the excellent video they have out (Sam Cooke – Legend 2003). I was wondering if this will ever be made available for purchase?

  • Richard

    Watched the premiere last night and it’s an unbelievable show. Not only the heavenly voice, but, social context in which he sang. I was a child when he died and did not know the vast arsenal of talents he also had as a producer and writer. Thank you, PBS.

  • Lee Hipius

    This attractive performer and the 1/11 program somehow slipped by me; I will wait for another airing and am sure I will be enchanted.

  • Gloria Montoya

    I was deeply touched by the bio on Sam Cooke. Many do not know about how great he was and how he brought changes into this maddening world of “black and white”. Thank You Sam Cooke.

  • Solomon L.GRAHAM

    SAM WAS the best one of a kind thats what god does

  • Leenie

    Very,Very good program, caught it all last night 1/11 and all by mistake, just suring the tube. Sam Cooke was a wonderful singer, so happy that you took the time to let us all know what he was all about. would like to see and learn more about the music world like him, I learned things about hime that I never knew. Thank You, it was greatly appreciated would love to buy this DVD on his life.

  • Solomon L.GRAHAM

    SAM WAS the best. one of a kind thats what god does

  • Silky

    RIP to Sam Cooke who had a true God given talent. I believe he died a couple of weeks after the release of a a “A Change Gone Come” as told be Ben E. King in a interview about going over Sam Cooke house to listen to this song he wrote which was “A Change Gone Come”.

    PBS- Please air this again it was wonderful.

  • Romelle W

    As I watched the program on Sam Cooke, I could not take my eyes off the screen. He was hypnotic and his voice was like velvet. Once in a lifetime are we blessed with someone so talented.

    Please make the program available for purchase. I would love to add this show on Sam Cooke to my DVD library.

    Thank you for sharing an outstanding show with the viewers.

  • Bill E

    Would love to know where to get the Ray Charles song played towards the end of the show. He sang it at Sam’s funeral, I believe. I think it was called “Angels Keep Watching over Me” or something like that, and it sounded like Billy Preston might have been playing organ.

    Have looked everywhere and can’t find it on any CDs or albums. Can anyone help?

  • Denise Christopher

    I was a young child in the 60’s and heard a lot of Sam Cooke from my older siblings and on the radio. But, I never knew anything about his life. He was a fascinating brother with a lot of talent. He left a positive imprint on the world even as he battled personal tragedy in his own life. So unfortunate that he had to die so soon. Thanks for a wonderful documentary!



  • cati hawkins-okorie

    Thanks, PBS. Sam Cooke was one of the sexiest men alive back then, but overlooked as so many gorgeous, charismatic, ultra-talented men of color were. This era has ERIC BENET, YAY, born not too long after Sam’s death. I learned so much more than I knew. RIP SAMMY (we Black church folk called him this)!

  • Dianne R

    This was a GREAT documentary, you really cleared up a LOT of misinformation that I thought I knew, please show this again, so that I can notify my family and friends. Thanks so much for enlightening me. You have really gotten my attention and I will tune in to this channel more often.. Again thanks

  • Teneisha

    I had the opportunity to watch this Sam Cooke documentary and really enjoyed it.

  • Sallie

    Oh such memories, what a melodic voice, he`s blessed,homes,hearts and has given lot of hope as a black man to all of us. he reminds me of my mom, RIP mommy. and RIP Sam Cook we will always remember you in our hearts.

  • Denna Woodard

    “A Change Is Gonna Come”,this has been my song of choice all of my life,I barrowed it from my mother who would sing it when a change needed to come.I was hookeder one song
    PS Loved the program,and hope you air it again.

  • dwight

    i watched the pbs special on sam cooke,it was very revealing.i never knew of his great accoplishments.i would of liked a little more information as to the circumstances surrounding his tragic death.


    noone really talks about the death of SAM COOK. i would like to know more about what really happened {THE TRUTH}

  • Linda Bonton

    Thank you so much for providing this documentary for everyone to enjoy. I have watched this program for the 2nd time, and enjoyed it even more this time around. He was a beautiful man with a silky and buttery smooth voice. His songs had a definte message whether it was his love longs or his message for change to come in this crazy world of ours. There will never be ‘another’ Sam Cooke – he was the one and only – RIP

  • Shirley Gordon

    I loved Crossing Over. Why can’t we purchased it? WNET says it is not available for purchase.

  • Kimberly Barrow

    American Masters: Sam Cooke Crossing Over fabulous!!!

    How can i get a copy?????????

  • Carol Green

    Why can I buy a copy of this excellent episodes of Sam Cooke who has been in my life for while a number of years. I just cried and cried when he died. Please let me be able to buy this from you as soon as possible. Just e-mail me and let me know when I can buy it. Continue to show about other great artists like Sam Cooke. Thank you

  • John Clemmons

    Beautiful and timeless music

  • Mary B.

    I watch this program last PM and was blown away because it was so dynamic. Sam Cooke was a legend, I was in LA when this happened and wondered how could such a brilliant person be cut down in the prime of his music life. I enjoyed this more than I can say.

  • Mary

    I had a chance to watch the documentary and it was breath taking. I was watching it with my Mom, and kids. We all sat in front of the tv mesmerized. My daughter and niece kept asking “Who is that”. They were in awe of his voice. Great show PBS!!!

  • Debra Griffith

    What was the name of the song that was played during the part about his son’s death? Something about “can’t find my baby”. Anyone know? Thanks PBS, it was a great tribute to a fabulous voice.

  • Angel A

    Is this program going to air again? (I really really hope so) I just found out about it today, so I didn’t get to see it Jan. 11th :(

  • Elaine Williams

    Please reair this documentary. I missed seeing the show. Please, please, please.

  • Edward Richardson

    Very,very,very intresting program about an African American Icon,and I would like to thank PBS for airing this program and Danny Glover for his great narration and all the other people who had a in producing this American Masters Series.

  • michele

    I heard so much about this show so I Thought I might be able to see it online or at least that it was scheduled to repeat on TV, but neither seem to be the case. Pls pls pls, replay this on TV or post it online

  • Phyllis Bennett

    I was just a little girl when Sam Cooke was murdered. But, I remember his music played in our house and his gospel songs sang at church for years. I still play his anthology of hits, and I read every biographical or historical account on his or his music that I can. I missed this long awaited tribute. Will it be aired again soon?
    We miss you Sam.

  • Michelle Igwe

    I was happy to awake to a program, about /sam cooke. This man was a graet man and someone who was taken to early. I still enjoy his music to this day . I believe his music is the type of music that touchs the very soul of everyone that listen to it.

  • Gerri Wolff-Stanton

    Beautiful, soulful…brings tears to my eyes, especially in this time of racial unrest. I think folks today are more prejudice than 50 years ago, especaily down here in the Ozarks.

  • tara rianldi

    great show – lots of information i was not aware of, and now I have a vast appreciation of his work and his life. what a great influence he had on generations of musicians. well done!

  • laShawntanika

    will there be a rerun Im so sorry I missed the show

  • d pitts

    I can’t believe I missed this. Please help me find out if this will be on again. e mail me at doyle2fan1@hotmail.com I checked local listings and don’t see any future times for this. I have to see this.

  • Ruby Murdaugh

    Oh my this is great..I missed it.
    When will Sam’s Crossing OveR air again?

  • lore malone

    I just found out about the program—I am so sorry I missed it —I LOVED SAM COOKE !!!!!when will it reair and can I get a copy of the program—–I was a teen when he was singing and he was my idol—my family, friends, husbands all knew it was me and Sam Cooke–.

  • Joseph M Hill

    I really injoy this second program on sam cooke. but it brought chills to my spine.When I seen him sitting there on the floor in that motel dead. I was 18 months old on that tragic day. Now I’am 46 years old. I think he was set up. A great talent, Lost but not forgotten.

  • joshua

    i would love to get a copy of this show how could i go about do that ?

  • thomasbyrne

    can iget acopy of that show.

  • carole mussington

    very good artist .gone much too soon.where can we buy this video

  • Steve Gates

    In Jan ‘79, I bought the latest George Benson album (Living Inside Your Love). One track changed my life: “A Change is Gonna Come.” WOW!! While George sang/covered it masterfully/respectfully, this song propelled my 30+ yr delve into the roots of rock ‘n roll (early R&B). Soon, I came to know Sam Cooke, & what marvelous songs he penned &/or sang. My favorites are many, & tell why HE was handily elected to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in the FIRST (FOUNDER) year – 1986: “Everybody Likes to Cha Cha Cha”, “Only Sixteen”, “Wonderful World”, “Chain Gang”, “Twistin’ The Night Away”, “Bring It On Home To Me”, “Another Saturday Night”, “Shake”, & THAT soul standard (civil rights song) that – amazingly – took 2 1/2 yrs to be released (yes, “Change…” WAS recorded in ‘62 with Lou Rawls). Although Buddy Holly did a prolific amount of amazing material in his brief, 22.5 years on earth, Sam was his black counterpart, having 29 top 40 hits (3 released posthumously) in his short 33+ years. ABOUT HIS DEATH… Many people die in embarrassing ways (take Elvis, e.g.). His marriage was stressed by the recent drowning death of his toddler son (while in wife’s supervsn), he was robbed by a thieving/slandering hooker, shot 3 times – naked & unarmed – in cold blood by an insolent night clerk. I know what it’s like to have one’s pants stolen in a motel (my keys & wallet went with them in a break-in while my gf and I were asleep in ‘78, after a concert). We should make up for this horrible injustice to Sam by honoring him EVEN MORE. HE (& HIS SILKY VOICE) DESERVES OUR UTMOST RESPECT! I’m sure Otis R. and Buddy (both by plane crash) would’ve concurred. But Cass, Elvis, Johnny Ace & Terry Kath and countless other singing stars (who died embarrassing deaths) would’ve been inordinately sympathetic of the way he died; so much to put him even HIGHER on a pedestal (perhaps with Jackie W., who lived in a nursing home 9 yrs after his stroke on stage). What a life of a caring man to remember more!

  • Steve Gates

    Oh my, I forgot “Cupid” (among his better stuff from late ‘58 to late ‘64 – per recording dates)! How can anyone (besides me) forget to think of that song during a discussion of Sam?! Kind of ironic, because – like it was for many of his “soul” brothers and sisters – he suffered the slings and ARROWS of outrageous fortune AND took arms (with songs) against a sea of troubles, opposing and helping to end them. He was noble, and would have made even Shakespeare proud…

  • Thomas D. Nemley

    How can I get a copy of the dvd of Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, Nat King Cole.American Masters version?

  • Belinda Robinson

    I DVRed this American Masters program before I took my daughter to college in the deepest darkest south (Atlanta GA – Spelman). I was not able to watch it until today 1/18/10. I realized that because of the efforts of Sam Cooke, as well as others (celebrating MLK Day today)my child had a chance to attend a historical black woman college. Thank you Sam for you love of music and the black heritage. RIP with the angels singing.
    Thank you PBS for the truth finally.


    How can i get a dvd copy of this show, thank you very much.

  • Tracy

    I truly enjoyed this documentary and would like to purchase a copy. Does anyone know if this is available for purchase?

  • Reese

    My Dad has been such an avid fan that now I am. We missed the show and am hoping it will air again or that I can purchase it.

  • Greg Carter

    This was important to me, not knowing or remembering the details about a man such as Sam Cooke and what he accomplished yet how those of us with talent, a God given gift, can desolve at the blink of an eye. Thank you for this.

  • Glendoria Jones

    When I grew up, I only knew the R & B side of Sam Cooke. As a middle aged adult, I discovered the incredible gospel side of him.
    Thanks for showing the great contribution Sam Cooke made to American music history. What a talent!

  • Latricia Jackson

    Please can anyone tell me when crossing over will air again. I am so sorry that I did not know about it ahead of time. I love sam cooke he and Michael Jackson will never be replaced they both were geniuses. Music will never be the same, and they will sadly missed…

  • chris crite

    when will you air the sam cooke show again

  • berwin and cynthia

    My dad and I missed it, will you please run it again. This time we’ll be prepared. Is there anyway for us to get emails about future shows, especially on ‘American Masters’.

  • FreddyJ

    Please replay the Sam Cooke documentary… even tho I gave the mrs full control of the remote, meaning she could’ve left it on “Crossing Over” she blames me for her missing a lot of it. Please get me out of the dog house. Thank you and by the way I had seen it before and it is great. I love Sam Cooke. The man was smoove.

  • Miguel

    I have a die hard Sam Cook fan at work and would like to buy him the DVD of the American Masters series on Sam Cook. Would you please advise.

  • Charles E Jolliff

    When I was growing up we would say Sam cooke the best in the book. I want to know if that program would be on again. …..Thank you

  • Charles E Jolliff

    I would like to know if the program will be on again. I missed it the first time. thank you

  • ryan

    Ok, when is the rebroadcast? Patiently awaiting.

  • RoB KaCeY

    I’d like to know why, all of a sudden, we’re not allowed to watch the American Masters series online, while other videos such as ‘Frontline’ ARE available.

  • Claudia Pate

    Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the program. Even though I was a little girl when he passed away those songs brought back so many good, innocent childhood memories. I remember hearing and reading about his death and how shocking the circumstances were around it (mostly from ease- dropping on grown folks conversations). Nevertheless, I still admire him and I wish he had lived longer.

  • Mo Beasley

    I would like to purchase this video. Please inform me when it becomes available. thank you!

  • Lucille Bing

    I missed this and I wonder why you are not showing this historic video more especially during Black History Month.

    What is more upsetting is that you have not made DVD.s so that people can buy this, for people who were not able to view on the ONE time that you showed it. I await your RESPONSE PBS.

  • Michael Vincent Austin

    Sam Cooke is in a class by himself. I still listen to him every day. I know it may sound like an exaggeration, but it is not. Sam’s talent was a gift from God and a conduit between heaven and earth. His catalogue of music is vast for such a short run. Like many people I first and instantly fell in love with the pop tunes but it was the SAR label box set that started the “addiction”. The early music of Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers is as important to me as breakfast and the Gospel of Jesus Christ never sounded better. Listen to Sam’s gospel recording of “Any Day Now”, YOU WILL BE A BELIEVER! He has enriched my life. God bless the great Sam Cooke.

  • Brent D. Robinson

    I am a 52 year old black man that was turn on to Mr. Cook music by my mother. After viewing this all I can say is PLEASE let me know where the DVD can be purchase! I don’t think the world will ever be bless with another singer with his type talent.

  • Valeria Tanaka

    I missed the beginning of the documentary – but, thoroughly enjoyed the part I saw. Please let me know if it will be aired again and/or if I can purchase a copy of the program. Thanks.

  • Hamadou Kone

    I was so moved by the documentary of one of the geatest soul singer Sam Cooke. Hoping to get the Dvd to watch it with my family. Please contact me, once it is out. Peace be on him Sam Cooke, was dead when I was only 4 years old but in 1979 I was listening to his music in my Dad’s car in west Africa, I did not speak english nor understantood but I was moved by his wonderful voice and the rythm. It is thru the documentary. I got to see his pictures. Really appreciate and keep up the Good work, PBS you guys are the best.

    Thank you and Peace

    Hamadou Kone

  • M. J. Ward

    I would like to know how to order Sam Cooke’s Crossing Over video. I really enjoyed learnibg about this great man. Can we get another viewing please? Or at least a chance to own a copy?

  • charles Minder

    Sam Cook,
    How can I get a copy .

    Thank you

  • Robert Paulin

    Sam Cooke is my favorite singer of all time, he’s the only singer black or white that sang in two fields Gospel & Rhythm & Blues. He controlled his own record label & wrote his own music that he sang. He did things back then when blacks were not aloud to do in the 1960’s. He was indepence black who I loved, his music touch my soul, I was only 7 years old when he died. My mother used to play his songs all the time, my aunt my mother sister had his gospel album which I grown to love. Yes I said love the man his voice is so clear, there so many things that I can say but there not enough on here. My favorite song of Sam Cooke is GoodTimes, I love all his songs he recorded that made the chat & didn’t make it. On that note I would like to get a copy of Crossing Over, he open a lot of doors for the singers of today, they all owe him a thank for their successes the have today………………………………………………Robert Paulin

  • Rose Montgomery

    I would love to own a copy of Sam Cooke & Marvin Gaye. Please advise

  • Michael Ramsey

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  • Catherine David

    Sam Cooke my all-tiime favorite singer and songwriter. Any idea when this will be repeated? Would love to see the entire documentary. Is it available for dowmload somewhere.

  • David

    Does anyone know of the name of the song that starts at 2min 30 sec in the above trailer? I really like it and have searched but cannot for the life of me find it, thanks!

  • Romone Baker

    We missed the premier airing of this episode unfortunately. When is this scheduled to air again?

  • Delores Ashford

    I was deeply saddened by the death of Lena Horne. I want to thank PBS for honoring Lena Horne with In Memoriam: In My Own Voice”. I had the opportunity of meeting her twice. She will live on in my heart and memories of her. May she rest in peace.

    Can you please inform me how I can purchase her video, and when will show this video again?

    Thank you, God bless

  • florene Fisher

    please rerun these shows for sam cooke and marvin gaye thank you

  • I remember

    Mr. Cooke was my father’s favorite. I know all the songs…the beautiful, beautiful songs.

  • Ashley Turner

    Can someone as PBS please inform us when or if this will be airing again and if not is there any way I can buy a copy?

  • Semekiahz

    i would like to watch the full length movie “crossing over”

  • Sam

    If you look on http://www.vimeo.com you can find this show by doing a search for Sam Cooke: Crossing Over. It may be the only way to see it. It’s not available on DVD but hopefully will be rebroadcast on PBS.

  • Ashanti Reel

    Will this program of Sam Cooke be seen again on [PBS] our youth of today alone with the Adults need to know what great artist like this did for the music world. I have one program on Sam Cooke and would like to see more along with the great Jackie Wilson whom some seem to forgotten .These were artist on cared about the music and gave their all when performing live.

  • bonnie rieders

    I remember the day i was home listening to the radio and they announced that Sam Cooke was dead and in the moment i froze, couldn’t believe my ears, shocked and then i started crying. It was just as though i had lost someone one in my family, thats what Sam’s music did for me, made me fall in love with his voice, and of course being extremely handsome didn’t have anything to do with it lol, When i listen to Sam’s CD its just like seeing him on TV back in the day, I truly miss him and often wonder just how far he would have gone in his career I believe if he was around when Marvin Gaye was getting in to his own we would see the best of the best. Truly Truly a man before his time. I LOVE YOU SAM AND THANK YOU FOE THE MUSIC & MEMORIES

    AUGUST 8TH, 2010 4:10 AM

  • Roberto Eduardo

    A todos, ¿cuándo la de Sam Cooke documental jugar de nuevo. Evidentemente, de los muchos comentarios este es uno de los programas más populares. Recuerde que para presentar esta obra maestra en el futre próximo será muy apreciado por todos. Muchas gracias. Roberto

  • Stevii Meredith

    I don’t know how, but I missed this special. Is there any way I can buy the DVD? Are there plans to re-broadcast the special? How can I experience the genius of Sam Cooke.



  • J Stephens

    I have been inquiring all year for the opportunity to purchase the “Crossing Over” video with no success. Why isn’t it in print?

  • Tee Cooke

    Steve, I know this is an incredibly late reply to your question. You may have already found your answer, or may not even check the board again at this point. However, I just recently watched Sam’s Crossing Over documentary. I think I know which tune you are looking for? The one in which Sam is humming is called, “Trouble Blues”. He doesn’t hum for the entire song. Only through the intro (about 16 bars, I believe). The song is originally listed on his “Night Beat” album, but is probably included on some anthologies as well. Hope this helped you or anyone else who’s looking for it. It’s a beautiful song, and one of my personal favorites! :)

  • Linda

    I missed it! I will surely be checking the schedule for a repeat.

  • kristen

    @A J Stephens:
    I know this is REALLY LATE, but I spoke with someone in programming and there are currently NO plans to release this documentary on DVD. However, they will re-air the program on Friday February 18, 2011 @ 10 pm on KLCS Los Angeles channel 58 [i think].

    Please check your local listings!!

  • amintern

    The Sam Cooke DVD is currently unavailable for purchase. Thank you for your interest. We hope you continue to visit the website for many more new exciting profiles and upcoming premiere information.

  • patricia mcclodden

    i love his music, and yes its was a tragedy, but at the same time God knew what he was doing. As for us a there is a time and a season for everything, that is why we must get our lives in order with GOD ALMIGHTY, so that when that time comes we will know where we are going. The same with Michael Jackson, gone to soon, it hurts so much, just w like when I lost my sister, I still feel the pain, but at the same time I always tell the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, that you don’t make mistakes and she’s in a better place. It hurts the way some of us leave this place, but its a journey we will all have to take one day. So my duty is to encourage people from everywhere , all over the world to get right or get left. GOD allows me to minister to people from all over the world, I am a shuttle driver at thee airport, so I take people to and from the airport to the different hotels back and forth five days a week, and it truly is a blessing how so many people love the LORD and are willing to receive his word, Amen. So please allow me to encourage you all it hurts but its nothing we can do but pray for strength and keep the faith and move on in the LORD, because i am a living witness and i know that he can heal our hearts, pray without ceasing PSALMS 24:1-2 take it to heart because its true we are not in control of anything, I don’t care what you have, it does not belong to us, its only temporary, I leave you with this and all who have lost love ones. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD GOD with all thine heart, and lean not unto your understanding, but in all thine ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your paths, Amen. And GOD bless us all.

  • Taheerah

    To Mr. Leroy Crume –

    First off, thank you for commenting on this website. It’s been some time since you posted; are you still writing the book you spoke of? If so, do you have a timeline of some sort as to when it’ll be ready for purchase? Your insights, experiences and contributions, in literary form, towards Sam’s life and your time with him as a Soul Stirrer, band mate and friend is invaluable. I can’t wait to read!

  • Ardell Galbreth

    Abssolutely fantastic! Very tastfully done. It’s much appreciated that we’re now able to see, hear and understand the full effect of Sam Cooke’s contributions to not only the African American histroy, but the world. Thanks, thanks so much. Well done.

  • Luna

    Does anyone know where I can find a full list of all the songs used/played during the program??? ( I’m a new Sam fan so I am not familiar with most of them… )

  • Virginia L.

    How I love Sam Cooke’s music and his extraordinary talent. Please play the documentary on him again, I only caught a small piece of it when you aired it in January.

  • Chante G.

    Please release this on Dvd..Thanks

  • Euby Lynn

    I’ve heard and read great reviews on The American Masters, Sam Cooke : Crossing over story. Unfortunately i have not had the privilege to watch it. I’ve check the listing weekly for a year to see if it will be aired again but unlucky me it has not. I pray PBS will find time to put this documentary back into there rotation because I’m looking forward to seeing this. I’ve heard It is a great Master Piece.

  • J S Strickland

    Is this for purchase any where? I missed in when it was originally played and can’t find it anywhere.

  • t

    1) This DVD is NOT available for purchase, and will never be most likely. ABCKO owns the rights to the music, and won’t release them.

    2) Many of the songs I’ve seen people ask the names of are as follows:
    -Pilgrim of Sorrow
    -Lost and Lookin’
    -Driftin’ Blues
    -Trouble in Mind

    3) I live in Chicago, and this documentary came on a few days back. Luckily my Tivo just automatically recorded it. There’s a facebook page under ‘Sam Cooke crossing Over’…it states that the documentary will re-air on PBS in April 2012…

  • nor matt

    Bill E says:

    January 12, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    Would love to know where to get the Ray Charles song played towards the end of the show. He sang it at Sam’s funeral, I believe. I think it was called “Angels Keep Watching over Me” or something like that, and it sounded like Billy Preston might have been playing organ.

    it is called All Day, All Night on : Ray Charles Celebrates A Gospel Christmas, from 2003):

    Have looked everywhere and can’t find it on any CDs or albums. Can anyone help?

    Ray Charles Celebrates A Gospel Christmas, from 2003):

  • Bo Halldorsson

    Where can I buy this documentary and other great ones from PBS

  • George Rybolt

    Is there any way possible to get a dvd of the Sam Cooke “Crossing Over” that aired Jan. 11, 2010 or a CDR

  • George Rybolt

    Is there any way to a DVD of the Sam Cooke documentary played on American Masters Jan. 2010 ?? Please…

  • Jodi McBride

    When will the Sam Cooke documentary be aired again? I missed it recently and I love Sam Cooke

  • Flora Simmen

    Please replay this program, I was able to see only part of it. Wonderful!!!!

  • Deborah M. Sanchez

    Can you please put the complete documentary online? Thanks!


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