A Mystery in Alaska

Unexplained declines in many wildlife species have created A Mystery in Alaska.

The Steller’s sea lions that populate the Alaskan coastline are powerful, playful, and sometimes rowdy creatures who bump and jostle each other on land but acquire a sublime gracefulness in the water. They are also the subject of a strange and tragic mystery: Steller’s sea lions are rapidly disappearing from one of the last great wildlife strongholds of the world, and no one knows why.

Naturalist filmmaker Shane Moore, who has been working in the Alaskan wilderness for much of the past 10 years, brings a sense of urgency and new understanding to this puzzle in A Mystery in Alaska.

As scientists and environmentalists race the clock to find answers, pressure has been growing on Alaska’s fishing industry to suspend most of its pollock fishing, on the suspicion that it is robbing Steller’s sea lions of an important source of food. But new research illustrated in this film shows that a broad combination of factors could be responsible for the sea lions’ plight. Buy the DVD. This film premiered in May 2003.

  • Kerri

    this is cool

  • Ken B

    Please, please put “Nature” online! I’d gladly pay a reasonable price to view it on the web, and this may be an ideal source of revenue for PBS/CPB. I recently cancelled my cable service and the only thing I miss is some PBS programs.

  • NEMO

    You do know that you can get PBS over the air for free right. and with the digital converter box you get at least 3 PBS channels in HD

  • Jacqui

    I agree with Ken B. so would I. The stellar sea lions hold a special place in my heart and this is distressing to view their demise, especially the rookeries pics over the last thirty years . I hope it is not too late to reverse this trend. I am searching the web site to see how they are doing now.

  • Jacqui

    Well i am willing to for go my consumption of fish so the stellar sea lion can live, how about you?

  • Doug

    Since they’re finding few bodies, and the show never mentioned this possibility, what about decreased fertility as a contributor/cause?

  • joe h

    Another great program from PBS. One suggestion: since
    the film was produced in May 2005, a postscript with
    any more recent findings would be helpful.

  • Laurie

    Nice historical show from May of 2003. This is 2008, colder water temperatures parallel the beginning of the Stellar sea lion’s come back. I did not find anything about that on this website. Stellar numbers are growing!

  • john

    The herring quota continues to increase in Sitka. As a lifelong Sitkan I can tell you the amount of spawn along the coastline is decreasing. They’ll keep fishing till the fish are gone. Same as the charter fishermen will continue till the king salmon, halibut, shrimp and crab are gone.

  • Darrell

    Here’s an interesting article from the web: http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories2008/20080305_sealion.html

  • Pat

    Like Ken, I’d like to see your videos available for download online – fee OK. We don’t subscribe to a cable service either for TV so we don’t get a chance to view any of the shows on Public Television. We just don’t have time for TV! – but would make time for selected videos. Thanks Pat

  • Phil

    The coastline from Alaska to the Sacremento River of California have suffered 160 years of European and European descendent impacts on ocean life. Whaling to near extinction, sealing to near extinction, sea otter killing to near extinction.

    In British Columbia we nearly killed off the coastal herring population rendering the herring down to oil and fish meal to feed to livestock.

    The eulochan fish on the BC coast have almost become extinct.

    There should be no live capture of herring in nets. Herring spawn more than once in their lifetime. The only harvest of herring should be one where the eggs are collected without killing the fish. Herring eggs on kelp is one method of catch and release that has been successful and the product commands a high price in the marketplace.

    I hung up my fishing rods in 1977 sensing a not too rosy future for our sea going friends.

    We need to protect the web especially the part of the web that feeds the larger creatures.

  • Shirley Rudolph

    I was in Alaska last year and enjoyed watching the seals. I was amazed while watching the show that the seals were having so much trouble getting the proper food and that they may become extinct. I would like to get a copy of that show.

  • tony

    This was a very interesting article the thing that amazed me the most is NUTHING is was stupid.

  • Eric

    If you do not have cable, then you can watch Nature on PBS in several ways.

    1) You could hook up a tried and true “rabbit ear” antenna to your TV. The new DTV system gives an incredible picture with an affordable “rabbit ear” antenna.

    2) You could also put in a large antenna outside if your local community allows one. This will give you a better reception than a “rabbit ear” antenna and you can also receive stations farther from your home.

    3) You can buy DVD’s of past episodes directly from this website. Click on the “Shop” link at the top of the page.

    4) There are some select episodes for viewing online, so you can also use that option. Look for the Video link at the top of the page.

    If you enjoy Nature, please consider supporting your local PBS station.

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  • Ann Roberts

    PLEASE run this program again! Wonderful program about the Stellar Seals. Somehow I missed this and only got the last half of it on August 30. So important to educate the public on these sensitive matters. Loved what I saw of it. Atlanta

  • kevin hyland

    i think is soo cool!!!

  • Jamila W.

    It’s awesome to learn about what’s happening here in Alaska… after living here for over 14 years it’s easy to take the beauty of the place for granted and to ignore many of the species that might be disappearing.Seals are so much fun to watch… Thanks for opening my eyes– this is an amazingly educating program! Tok, Alaska

  • Russ DeLong

    Most excellent program – however, PBS said there was an update available. I’ve searched and searched and no update was to be found. We would like to know what has happened since the program was created.

  • gidget

    is there any volunter programs that one could get involved with the helping to save this seals in ontario

  • John Rivers

    Hmm..I wonder why the sea lions are disappearing. I have seen sea lions up in Alaska and have filmed them. There is also a really cool Alaska movie that has cool wildlife in it as well as the best glacial calving ever:


  • Elaine

    The Stellar Sea lion documentary is to be shown on PBS this Sunday at 8 PM; Sea otters in the northwest ocean are also experiencing a serious decline in population numbers. I would suspect the decline of these sea mammals is connected to similar environmental factors. These factors need to be identified so that the serious decline in sea mammal population numbers is reversed as quickly as possible. I read some good news today, i.e., blue whales appear to be migrating, once again, farther into northern Pacific ocean areas. This had not been observed for many years. Also, blue whale songs were recorded off the coast of Long Island/New York in the Atlantic Ocean which is new to the East Coast area,

  • Wilson

    I believe that as a Race we are changing all aspects of animal life, We also have a strange outlook in that we believe that everything remains and should remain the same, no matter how much we do to the contary. This article says alaska, however it really means that the Stellar seals are declining in one area of Alaska, not others.

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    Although I do agree with your post, I have my own reservations.

  • Marine Aquarium Fish

    Well if food stocks are truly depleting, they’re gonna go to where the food is.

  • Ken W.

    I saw this program for the first time tonight. Since so many years have passed, I hope that some sort of update can be produced in the near future to bring the story up to date. However, I was hugely impressed with this production, which is packed with information, without the sidetrack fillers that often are needed to fill an hour program. It didn’t try to answer the mystery with finality, but it did a great job of putting together the many bits of evidence, and showcase the quality research that so many good folks are conducting. We must continue to support this kind of research and reporting that can so effectively inform our choices as citizens and consumers.

  • Taylor P.

    I think the reason they are dissapearing is because of the fishing. Fisherman are over fishing.

  • Karadima

    It’s awesome to learn about what’s happening here in Alaska… after living here for over 14 years it’s easy to take the beauty of the place for granted and to ignore many of the species that might be disappearing.Seals are so much fun to watch… Thanks for opening my eyes– this is an amazingly educating program! Tok, Alaska

  • spanx

    Most excellent program – however, PBS said there was an update available. I’ve searched and searched and no update was to be found. We would like to know what has happened since the program was created.

  • http://kingblive.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/previously-on-the-internet-4/ Previously on the Internet… « King B Live

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  • Mike

    I am not willing to forgo my consumption of fish.

  • James

    I was really hoping to see this but I cant afford cable and I live in a part of downtown Portland that is in a signal shadow. Rabit ears can’t get any digital signals. Please put these episodes online!

  • Jayme Lyons

    I too have searched for the update the screen ad said I would find at pbs.com. Where is it? This show was great but it is 7 years old! Please don’t waste my time by sending me on a search for info you are hiding or not providing at all.

    Does anyone on staff respond to the questions asked?

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