Bears of the Last Frontier
Full Episode | Hour One: City of Bears

Watch the full episode of Bears of the Last Frontier: City of Bears.

Chris Morgan and Joe Pontecorvo set up camp at a remote spot in the heart of Alaskan wilderness, alongside the largest concentration of grizzlies in the world. It is June in the Alaska Peninsula. The sun sets well into night and bears are taking advantage of the long days to feed, mate, and raise new cubs. Morgan tracks their progress as they feast on the riches of the season and re-establish the complex hierarchal social dynamics of bear society. Along the way, he experiences close encounters with bears, observing brutal battles among males during mating season as well as tender moments between a grizzly mom and her cubs. Watch full episode. Buy the DVD. This film premiered May 8, 2011.

  • thaddeus hudson

    Why doesnt your site allow me to watch any videos anymore? It started abpruptly and has continued to delete videos that I can watch. The only one I seem to be able to watch is Cloud. I cant watch any of the new ones in the last 2 months. Help somebody!!!

  • mike

    another amazing series. enjoyed episodes 1 and 2 and looking forward to 3!

  • Rich

    They should stop advertising that you can watch videos online if you can’t watch videos online. Very misleading.

  • Becca

    No problems here. Did you figure it out?

  • dr lobojo

    I could not get the video to function on Google Chrome but will play on Bing.

  • Barbara Bolton

    We live in bear country….raised our son here in the backwoods…we love watching your films!

  • Thomas

    Great film on bears in the Alaskan wilderness, i hope to see more like it and plan on purchasing this video sometime soon

  • Stephen

    What rights restriction, its PBS, did the Koch brothers buy you out?

  • Blessing

    What a beautiful, amazing creature – the bear. My soul was touched by this program, bringing me closer to the intrigue I feel with this “nature world” I am a part of. The awe and passion that Chris Morgan expressed in this program inspires me and helps me to imagine myself being closer to the things that I love. Mr. Morgan and Nature – thank you for following your bliss and sharing it with us.

  • jeff barnes

    what a joke you guys come to Canada to film your tv series but we canadians cant watch your shows online theres something wrong there

  • Saajid

    Awsome,i am 9 yeasr old and want to know:how do bears mate?why do they climp each other??thanks

  • Bella

    They’re heads are HUGE!!!

  • Dominik

    Yeah, I’m not seeing any of these videos. Am I supposed to?

  • Ryan Shelton

    I found this video to be very educational to me, as it most likely was to others. It was also very interesting.

  • Nathalie

    Is there a reason why everytime I want to watch online, it keeps saying “selection is unavailable”
    it’s frustrating.

  • troy sheen

    What movie trailers from this year, just by watching it, made you think the upcoming movie was going to be stupid? Just by watching the trailer you know it was going to be downright bad. My examples would be the remake of Arthur and the upcoming Cameron Diaz summer flick Bad Teacher.

  • dan

    i like nature

  • Randy

    Awesome just Awseome work, love nature.. wish I had Money to support this type of work and help protect our nature..

  • Bill Nunnally

    No words can describe the beauty,wildness and majestic animals shown here. You have given me and 1,000’s a chance to see what wild and free is all about! Thank You,Chris Joe PBS Alaska

  • Hana Kinsman

    I am very disappointed by your website. You list the programes and offer the possibility to watch full episodes online, but all I get is a notification of your technical difficulties and advice to try later. it is very frustrating. I see from some of the other comments that I am not the only person unable to watch. what’s the problem? Territorial restrictions perhaps? Yet you fundraise in canada! I do hope that the technical difficulties you are experiencing are indeed temporary, and you’ll surprise me when I come back later as you suggest! Thank you.

  • Lisa

    I am amazed by the real footage shot in this series! You can tell that Chris has real heart for these huge animals~ that he truly cares about them; about their habitat. If only all of humanity cared about the great and wonderful animals that God placed on this Earth~ as well as each other. WHAT are we doing?

  • Andreas

    I too am disappointed that I am not able to view these amazing videos in Canada. Is there anything that I can do to resolve this dilemma, and would you be able, or willing to? This request is not only for me but others as well who are experiencing these problems.

  • Mary M.

    Captivating video. That wilderness is like another planet, it is so beautiful & unusual. Chris Morgan is great. Thank you.

  • Ipadpeeved

    What a joke you make available all this beauty and you can only watch if you have flash ? So much for iPad or iPhone users. Time to think about the mass….

  • fultonk

    PBS has free apps for both iPads and iPhones that allow you to stream all our video content. Hope this helps!

  • Friend of Alaska Bears

    Missed this show, but will it address the hard reality of corporate-owned companies (like Cabela’s, a publicly traded company that leads guided brown bear hunts on state lands that is encouraged by the Alaska Board of Fish and Game and its powerful bear-hunting lobby in Alaska: FYI, guided brown bear hunts, which are beloved by many bush pilots and guides, fetch $10,000 and $22,000, depending on the bear and location ( This is a huge business enterprise. If this show doesn’t explore this policy travesty, it is doing a disservice to viewers.

  • Ramona

    I watched episode 1, My first. It was amazing. What a beautiful part of the country. I’ve never, ever seem bears living like this in any other video. Thank you so much for sharing. This was wonderful to watch. Chris and Joe, you are doing an amazing job. Looking forward to seeing other episodes.

  • Nicholas Penning

    A man on a motorcycle and a camerama?

    What happened to the vistas and grand adventures narrated by an unseen voice?

    Instead you gave us silly bear chases and several profile shots of the cyclist. What a disappointment.

  • Karen

    VERY, VERY Disappointed that we cannot watch full videos online here in Canada. A lot of us do not have satellite and cannot get PBS on our antenna. You advertise that we can watch online, but when you click on a video it says Item Selected cannot be played or something to that affect. AND NO I DON’T HAVE AN IPAD OR IPHONE!!!!!!!!

  • Carolee

    Fantastic program! Amazing photography and sound, and great music too! I keep it on my DVR so I can watch it again whenever I like.

  • Patricia

    I enjoyed this program.It is real educational.The location is beautiful.I must say Chris and Joe are very brave to get as close as they did to these bears.But I liked they way Chris handled being close to them without interfering with the bears.Those bear cubs are cute too!I will be watching more of these fantastic programs here.

  • elijah

    great movie

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