Bears of the Last Frontier
Hour One: City of Bears


Chris Morgan sets up camp at a remote spot in the heart of Alaskan wilderness, alongside the largest concentration of grizzlies in the world. It is June in the Alaska Peninsula. The sun sets well into night and bears are taking advantage of the long days to feed, mate, and raise new cubs. Morgan tracks their progress as they feast on the riches of the season and re-establish the complex hierarchal social dynamics of bear society. Along the way, he experiences close encounters with bears, observing brutal battles among males during mating season as well as tender moments between a grizzly mom and her cubs.

  • reva

    great film! where exactly were you for episode 1? katmai? kodiak? russian river?

  • Kathie Johnson

    Hello Chris and Joe,

    I have been looking forward to seeing the Bear episodes since seeing Chris on David Letterman. The Bears are so wonderful and majestic. I am sorry to say that I began with the second episode and am looking forward to seeing the others. I can certainly see why you like the Bears. I hope to see more from you other then these episodes and if there is somewhere else I can find some more film, could you please let me know. Thank you for your concern for these wonderful characters of the wild.

  • Linda Corbin

    the whole series was fantastic!! I feel so bad for the polar bears and so many people still think global warming is a joke…..

  • Mark Jordahl


    Just wanted to respond to a couple of your points:

    1. You can stream all three episodes for free right from this PBS Nature page (links in the right-hand bar). You can also find the links on Chris’ Grizzly Bear Outreach Project site at

    2. To see more of his film work, keep your eyes open for his upcoming feature-length film BEARTREK where he rides his motorcycle through the 4 continents that have bear species. You can find out more about that film at

    Thanks for your support of bears!

  • Mary H. Reinertsen

    I went on this website in hopes of finding where the “City of Bears” took place. Lo and behold, the program aired last year. Thank you for an absolutely wonderful hour. I’ve just been watching grizzlies in the meadows of the B.C. coast but never saw adult bears interacting and was absolutely transfixed by “your” bears and the fantastic photography. I’m going to continue my search for the location.

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