Bears of the Last Frontier
Hour Three: Arctic Wanderers


Chris Morgan travels to the far north of Alaska, the tiny North Slope town of Kaktovik. It’s early November and winter is coming on. But each year, the polar bears struggle for extended periods on dwindling fat reserves, waiting for the opportunity to hunt on sea ice that takes longer to freeze. In early spring, Morgan joins local hunters in Barrow, the northernmost city in Alaska, as they go out on their own hunts, facing some of the same challenges as the bears. In late spring, Morgan travels to the North Slope of the Brooks Range, where countless thousands of caribou cover the ground for miles. The grizzlies are waiting for them, as they have for thousands of years.

  • Jolene Witt

    Thoroughly enjoyed your story of the bears in Alaska. We happened on to the show by accident and became quite interested and then it stopped as you reached northern Alaska and the story was polar bears. I would very much like to see the Hour 3: Artic Wanderers.
    When will it be on Pbs?

    Thank you so much for this close up look at Alaska.

    Jolene Witt

  • Carmen Gilmore

    Hi Jolene,
    So glad you found and liked “Bears of the Last Frontier” Hour 2: The Road North.

    Hour 3: Arctic Wanderers will air on NATURE Sunday, May 22nd, 8 pm (check local listings.)

    If you missed Hour 1: City of Bears, you can see it here:

  • norman turner

    just finished hour #2 canot wait 4 #3– thankyou

  • Ron B

    Where is the full episode of Hour 3?


    I’ve enjoyed your series very much. I look forward to more about the bears of the world.
    No live Q & A tonight?
    I hope you will come see the bears in New Mexico. The fish & game dept. is much too liberal in killing bears that get into residential areas. Sometimes they are relocated but, when they come back home, they are killed. Fish & game also sells the pelts. Not sure where the money is going. It seems that we could live with them the same way they do in Alaska. I wish there was a way to give them sanctuary here.

  • episode 3

    Where is the 3rd episode online?

  • Tom Sterling

    I’m curious as to why no mention was made of the electric fence I saw in the background of one of the interior tent shots. I was also curious about the mention of protein in sedges? Protein?

  • Wendy
  • Bootlake

    You made a profound comment about Oil exploration. If it wasn’t for oil exploration and the tax revenue they produce the natives would be not be able to live in there villages. They don’t hunt how you showed. Your program is a fraud. You are a fraud.

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