Bears of the Last Frontier
Hour Two: The Road North: Photo Gallery

©WNET, Photographers: Joseph Pontecorvo and Nimmida Pontecorvo

  • John B Burns

    You couldn’t have put a better team together than Joe and Chris.I was drawn immediately to To Joe’s calm
    demeanor.The photography through out the series is absolutely superb.This is the first time I’ve seen Mr. Morgan
    on any nature series.His personality just draws you into the whole project.His keen eye and almost playful nature
    on this subject made this series.
    Have you worked with Chris a long time?What might be in the works in the near future?Just out of curiosity,
    you guys didn’t happen to be cutting your teeth in this field when the killer B’s were tearing up the European rally
    Thanks again guys!Great team. s2ndegree.U S A

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