Bears of the Last Frontier
Hour Two: The Road North: Video: Out of Urban Anchorage

A black bear is relocated from the streets of Anchorage to the greener, more bear-friendly surroundings of Chugach State Park. Watch video from Bears of the Last Frontier: The Road North.

  • Dennis R. Stimson

    Awesome work by Chris and Joe and the crew. Thanks for such educational and inspiring work. Love PBS!

  • Erica Denison

    I have seen part one of City of Bears and was mesmorized and learnt so much more about Grizzly bears from beginning to end. The narration gives so much soul and character to all the bears. These bears are so magnificent, so true just looking into their eyes and a person is taken to a new place intellectually and spiritually. Can not image how a person could trophy hunt a Grizzly which is so intelligent let alone killing any animal for sport!

  • alessandro

    by watching the video we can tell the poor handling of this bear. with out the right tools to handle and transport the animal. pushed up to the car and pulling it by the forest the out of action animal.
    Non to professional.

  • wendy

    i lived in juneau alaska for 13 years love it love love the show thanks so much…im thinkin of moving to ketchikan alaska

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