Birds of the Gods
BOP Personals: Choose Your Dream Bird (Video and POLL)

Learn about some of the different birds of paradise out there looking for a little love. Tell us which one is your favorite by answering our poll below.

Blue bird of paradise: Shy Serenader

I’m a 12″, medium-sized bird of paradise. I’m entirely black with bright blue wings and two long wire-like tail feathers. I’m a bit shy, and prefer displaying without other males nearby. Loves hanging upside down, fanning out flank plumes, and making low buzzing sounds. Not looking for anything long-term.


King bird of paradise: Down-to-earth “living gem”

I’m the smallest of the birds of paradise but good things come in small packages. I’m bright red and white with blue feet. My nickname is “living gem” but I don’t let stuff like that go to my head. My idea of an ideal date is puffing out my plumes followed by some pendulum acrobatics. Not many birds can keep a beat like me.


Lawes’s Parotia bird of paradise: Look for me on the dance floor

I live to dance! I’m easy on the eyes, almost all black with green and gold iridescent breast plumes, but it’s my smooth moves that the ladies remember me by. Loves bowing, hopping, waggling, and adjusting flank plumes to resemble ballerina tutus. I should also mention I’m a neat freak. My dance floor never has extraneous twigs or leaves.


Wilson’s bird of paradise: Bald and beautiful

Not having head plumes might make some birds self-conscious. Not me. Being bald allows me to show off my attractive blue skin-tone. I’ve been told the blue is so vivid it’s visible even at night. Napoleon’s nephew gave me my scientific name, Cicinnurus respublica. Vive la France! Vive la république!


Magnificent bird of paradise: Magnificent is right

Few can top my plumage, some of the most complex coloring around: yellow wings, green breast plumes, and blue feet. If color isn’t your thing, I also have an impressive pair of curlicue tail feathers. Can’t be tied down but always looking for a good reason to puff out my emerald green breast shield.


Superb bird of paradise: Oddball looking for love

I’m definitely not your average bird of paradise. Hobbies include snapping tail feathers and rearranging breast and back plumes to form an ellipse around my head. (You have to see it to believe it.) During my displays I may not look typically avian, but believe me, I’m one hundred percent bird. Looking for some open-minded females to hop around.


Greater bird of paradise: Greater? Greatest!

I’m a confident, uninhibited bird of paradise. I have no problem displaying around other males. I’m on the larger side, about 17″. Big fan of yellow. I’m a bit of a minor celebrity. My feathers were some of the first seen by the Europeans. They gave me the scientific name Paradisaea apoda or “legless bird of paradise” but I’ve got a great pair of legs that comes in handy for perching on branches.

What's your favorite bird of paradise?

  • Superb bird of paradise (43%, 211 Votes)
  • Lawes's Parotia bird of paradise (22%, 107 Votes)
  • Blue bird of paradise (13%, 61 Votes)
  • Wilson's bird of paradise (8%, 39 Votes)
  • King bird of paradise (6%, 30 Votes)
  • Greater bird of paradise (5%, 24 Votes)
  • Magnificent bird of paradise (3%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 488

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  • Chelsey O’Connell

    I have always been a sucker for a good waggle.

  • Eva

    Beautiful and interesting birds, I love David Attenborough.

  • w senbet

    we need more movies on birds and paradise trees

    thanks in advance

  • Jessica

    I feel fortunate to live in such a world.

  • Heather

    We love nature programs in our home so finding a program about birds of paradise was a pleasant surprise. What wasn’t pleasant was the cut to the tribal dance displaying full frontal nudity. Why was there no TV-14 rating on this program? As a parent, I am irate that my children were exposed to such images without parental notice. PBS does not usually disappoint, but when it comes to family, the station failed miserably in this instance.

  • Valeria

    How sad to see that Paul Igag had passed away.

  • Mary Hujber

    A very difficult choice between the Wilson’s bird of paradise and the superb bird of paradise. Brilliant and beautiful colors versus charm!

  • Mary Hujber

    A very difficult choice between the Wilson’s bird of paradise and the superb bird of paradise. Brilliant and beautiful colors versus charm! Never said this before.

  • Mary Hujber

    A very difficult choice between the Wilson’s bird of paradise and the superb bird of paradise. Brilliant and beautiful colors versus irrisistable charm!

  • virginia rucastle

    If everyone looked at something beautiful, like these,every day,we would all feel much happier,even a smile makes me feel better!!

  • Ann

    There are actually about 45 different varieties of these “Birds of Paradise.” Very hard to pick just one. I spent nearly a year on the internet compiling information on these birds, and collecting pictures of them all. I had to do it myself because the only worthwhile book on BOP is $350.!! So I had to create my own. Show this video more often, PLEASE! Okay, the blue BOP is pretty spectacular dancing upside down.

  • Anna

    This is hysterical, and such a nice way to point out the different characteristics of the beautiful birds!

  • Dot Hoxeng

    How could I possibly choose? Breathtaking performances. Science and Nature or is it Art and Entertainment?

  • Martha

    Each and everyone is superb and magnificent. We need more programs like Nature. I have especially enjoyed the ones on birds. Some choreographer could do a magnificent ballet with brilliant costumes and exotic movements based on these wonderful birds.

  • Barbara Oliver

    This is such a magnificent program. I watched it on T.V. and again online. I wanted to vote for all of the birds.
    What a wonderful expedition. I can’s imagine being involved in this and seeing it first hand. Thanks so much.
    Barbara Oliver

  • Barbara Pennington

    Surely there is a G-d, there is nothing else that could explain the magnificence of these birds. I can only imagine what the photographers endured to capture these images. They are truly one of Nature’s “wonders of the world.”
    NATURE never disappoints me.

  • Dave

    Just beautiful. A great supplement to the program. Innovative. My choice — superb bird of paradise

  • Nancy

    Love them all but I have always had a soft spot for guys with great moves on the dance floor…
    My choice: Lawes’s Parotia, the Fred Astaire of the B.O.P!

  • McCarty

    I love all kinds of birds no matter what kind they are and I love birds that can dance they are so cute when they dance, thats how they show off their moves to get the ladies right?!?

  • Peter

    Hi , I never post anything, but I was blown away with the remarkable footage from this expedition!

    Peter Speciale PhD, M (ASCP) Clinical Microbiologist

  • Sogeri

    Why can’t I see the videos in Papua New Guinea? It says:” this video is not available in your region due to rights restrictions”. That is crazy!. All birds of paradise come from the island of New Guinea and we should be allowed to see the videos!

    Very disappointed!

  • maria m

    Congratulations for this video about these amazing birds, I had never imagine about these wonderful birds, I love it. Thanks for these videos

  • Michelle

    I love both the superb and the parotia… but really, all of them are so beautiful!

  • Robin C.

    Lawes’s Parotia.

    A combination of Fred Astaire and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Elegant, light on his claws. A class act. And a neat freak. What more could a lady ask for?

  • Robin Koocher

    Lawes’s Parotia.

    He has the moves of Fred Astaire and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Elegant, athletic, light on his claws. And a neat freak.
    What more could a lady ask for?

  • Carol

    Stunning program, exquisite birds . . . but why did you mask the truly eerie, unearthly sound of the displaying blue bird of paradise with orchestra music? I heard it clearly years ago on an earlier bird show presented by David Attenborough, and I could not believe my ears. In Birds of the Gods, David describes this other-worldly sound, but we cannot hear it above the violins. What disappointment!

  • Carrie

    I love all these birds, but the superb bird –the oddball–absolutely captured my heart.

  • Bonita

    WOW!!!!! What an amazing display of characters. I loved viewing this program. These birds are soooo beautiful I could sit and watch them all day. Yes, there is a creator and how loving he is to provide such extraordinary creatures for us to watch, learn from, and just be in total awe of him. Thank you PBS for always providing programs like these.

  • Annette Wright

    This is simply the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you PBS for this much needed dose of natural beauty and grace. Me and my daughter absolutely loved this. It was a tough choice but Mr. Superb and I have met before and I still love him! Lol! Just beautiful…

  • Banish Tinnitus Review

    I simply could not depart your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely loved the usual information an individual supply to your guests? Is gonna be again regularly in order to inspect new posts

  • Joey

    Superb bird of paradise gets my vote. I have an electronic metronome which locks his dance beat in at 144 beats per minute perfectly. I am amazed that you can sync up a metronome to his dancing. It is in perfect time.

  • J. DENES

    The most enchanting program I’ve ever seen on any channel. I loved all the birds, but to pick a favorite, has to be Lawe’s Parolia.

  • Gina

    They all take my breath away…But The Blue Bird of Paradise is my favorite.

    They are truly the nature’s jewels.

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