Cloud's Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns
Photo Gallery: Meet Cloud's Extended Family

  • Amanda

    I love Cloud. Storm and Flint are so cute.

  • alyssa

    I love all the horses and hope one day to adopt a mustang from that area

  • Damian

    Will there be any more about Cloud?

  • Ellen

    It’s amazing how quick the foals grew!
    I also saw that Bolder changed to a darker colour too, amazing!

  • Sigourney

    Awe Cloud, Sitca, FLint, Little Cloud (Bolder) and Storm Cloud are all so cute!!! I’ve been Watching these shows since they Came out. I Love Cloud. I Own 2 Wild Ponies. there my Love of my Life. and soon maybe Buying a Wild horse Foal from the BLM Maybe it will be related to Cloud :)
    Hope everything went well with the BLM, and hope cloud and the other 33,000 horses are Okay.

  • Alexus

    i love raven, hes the most beautiful stallion ive ever seen

  • taylor

    i luv cloud and his family i really wanna own a horse.

  • carrie bryant

    one day i will get a horse of my own and it will be like Sitca.Sitca is the most beautiful mare on the earth. ncloud is beauiful also i hope there will be more of Clouds legacy.

  • caline

    i cant belive clouds herd is going to be auctioned off by the blm along with oter horses in that area

  • delia

    i love horses like my aunt . my aunt has 2 mustangs one from 1968 and the other is 2006

  • jeanna vaughn

    so inspirstionsl. The horse has served mankind since the beginning of time. It is tragic that we would ever slaughter them. They desire our protection and respect. They have given man their all and man must repay with kindness.

  • Amalia

    I think that the horses should be let FREE!!!! what did they ever do?

  • Elisha Evans-Barnett

    Why did they round them up in the first place! They weren’t even doing any harm. As long as they atleast set Sitka and Cloud free I think that everthing will be sorted out. But to keep all of them for adoption is STUPID! Look at what he has done to stallion’s in the wild. What to you think he will do in captivity?!?!

  • Julia

    I love watching him and his sons ne one no where to buy the second video?

  • amber

    I love to watch Cloud & all the other wild horses

  • Megan

    i luv cloud. he is so pretty! i wish i could own him. i thind that they should not do round ups, its so cruel!

  • Cristina

    I wish i could own a horse i always loved them.
    To bad I live in the city :[ If i ever get a chance to get one i would though

  • Judy

    I had been pro-birth control and had pro-info on my website BUT since I saw your movie about Cloud and how risky it was to give birth so close to winter, changed my mind. I deleted all of the information on horse birth control. Thanks for showing what a mistake it is to give a wild animal something meant for zoos and domestic animals.

    I have one wild born Sulphur stallion.

  • glenda kraft

    we saw this program last night, and are furious that the horses were corraled, and taken away! the narrator mentioned a few of the colts being auctioned, but, what happened to the remainder? we have nasty visions of them being sold for pet food…can you please give us a more positive ending to these beautiful animals?
    thank you

  • mac

    Cloud is so beautiful.I love watching the show.

  • Bonnie

    I also would like to know what happened to Cloud! I loved the programs and care very much about his future, if he has one.

  • abuk

    I love horses and hopefully this crazynes will go away, there not being fair.

  • kristan renae

    I love this picture it is to cool and i love horses…..

  • Shelby Brittain

    I have been watching these shows since they come out and i am absolutely enthralled. I hate that they wre rounded up ,wild things must remain wild. I love flint and santa fe they have such spunk, but i could never choose favorites.i love horses and once had a pinto myself.

  • Julia

    I found these videos when doing some research on eagles actually. I live in Kza-Zulu Natal in South Africa and have had my own horses and ponies for years. The closest I’ve come to wild horses are the semi wild herds in the Lesotho highlands which are “owned” by the local villagers. They are rounded up and brought down from the mountains once a year and sorted and sold, as the area is very rugged and harsh and if the herds are left for too long, grazing runs short and then all the horses suffer. I have never seen the episodes of Cloud and his band on our screens. Although I do not know much about the situation in the US about wild horses, I am also a conservationist (that is my job)and I take it the authorities must have a very good reason for rounding up the wild herds.Its sad to have to take freedom away from a wild animal and most people hate the idea of it but here is a suggestion – maybe doing an episode from the authorities’ perspective to show the public why the round ups have to happen?

  • Clara

    I love Cloud, I even have a wild paint mare at my house that came from the rocky mountains, named Sierra. We just brke her this year!!!!

  • D Ana

    everybody leave the wild horses alone i mean how could you do such a thing to them they did nothing to you really people get a heart how would you feel if you died evry day cause someone didnt like you come on i love wild horses i love any kind if i could i would buy every single horse in the world and but my first choice would be cloub hes a beauty i would lik the person who owns him or takes the videos of him to send them to me i would love to have cloud hes the most prettiest stud ive seen in my life now stop the horse slaughter now and GET A HEART!!!

  • D Ana

    please send me some pics videos and other stuff of cloud and his family i got 2 quarter horses but i would love to have cloud ever since the first time i heard that mustangs were becoming endangered ive wanted to do a bunch of research see a wild heard in person and make people stop hurting them and love them from now on evrbody who love horses please help me put a stop to this some way or another please help me and theses wild beautys out love all wild mustangs especcially cloud in the world GO MUSTANGS UR THE BEST!!!

  • Jacie

    I love cloud and all his family. I think him and his family should be able to remain free. I dont think they should capture wild horses. I think we already have enough domesticated horses and that we should let the wild horses remain wild.

  • katy

    I have loved cloud since I was 3 and im 8! If his slouhterd flint,red raven,bolder,velvet,and stormy will be sad like I would! Im his number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Em

    Is there any current news as to the status of Cloud and his family? I have just recently become familiar with his story and have not had the privilege of seeing the films that Ginger has made. I would love to see them.

  • Krista

    Is there any recent news as to how Cloud and his family are doing? I just recently watched the third installment of the series and I would really like to know how he is doing since the making of that movie. I saw on the internet somewhere that he was caught by the BLM and was injured but was he released back into the wild or was he sold? I would really like to find out.

  • Madison

    I will buy a horse from the yearly roundups and then set it free again. Especially if Cloud is kept to sell i will buiy him and set him free for sure.

  • Zoe

    Cloud is so cute and so is the rest of his family i hope to buy one of clouds sons/daughters at the BLM.I already have 3 horses and i love them. i would love to see more videos!!!!!!

  • Marco

    Why did this lady spend seven years in the mountains watching a horse?

  • Mindy

    I had to take my dog out tonight during the show, and I never got to hear what happened to Little Cloud! I take it he didnt survive, as he was not mentioned after the wildfires. Could someone please fill me in?

    I have enjoyed Cloud’s story, and the wonderful work you have done, following him and his family! Thank you so much for sharing him with all of us!

  • Alecia

    I was flipping through the channels and found this. How many videos are there? I love them so much! Cloud’s son Storm is so beutiful i hope he stays.

  • Brittani a.

    what happens 2 sitca i was flipping through channels last night and i saw this so i adomaticly there more shows of cloud???? i really injoyed it!!!!

    i own 2 quarter horses fancy and cianna

  • Lilly

    Flint, Boulder and all the other foals were so cute :)
    are there going to be any other shows?
    you sortof left me hanging with what happend with Sitca???

  • natalie

    i wish sitka didn’t have to die :’(

  • Bonnie Harlow

    I can’t believe I missed Cloud’s Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns…well, I saw the last 2 minutes. I watch PBS on ch. 2 (-1 & -2) & 44 ( -1, -2, -3 & -4) from Boston, MA; I also watch ch. 36 ( -1 & -2) from RI.
    I was wondering if you will be rebroadcasting it anytime soon?
    Bonnie (”~)

  • Savanna

    I LOVE Sitka’s yearling daughter. I call her Absarokee. I wonder where she is and hope she is still alive.

  • Kelsey

    I wish humans would treat them like the native americans did its so sad what man kind is doing to some horses :,(

  • hemoccult test

    Wonderful job here. I truly enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you undoubtedly bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see extra of this from you.

  • kati lenten

    i love cloud!!!! i watch every episode of clouds show! Ginger Kathreens is lucky to be seeing all of this! It must be a awsome experience.

  • r2d2

    cloud you stik

  • gani

    i love cloud,sitka,boulder,little cloud,asnd especially FLINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Megan

    I love all the horses but I am deeply saddened on what people have posted on here. If the BLM did not round horses up every year, the wild horses would die either due to starvation or sickness. You know not every Mustang in the Pyrors is well, many are sick and skinny. I have personally been there many times due to living in Montana. I think it is quite sad to see herds being split up it is for the greater good of the horses so that Wild Horses can be enjoyed for many, many generations to come.

  • lea

    megan , i deeply disagree with you. You are stupid. Wild horses are called wild for a reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R2D2

    U R UPID MEGAN! i AGREE WITH LEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kasey

    i love them all

  • Sara

    I have grown to loves these horses. My favorites are Cloud, his mother, Electra, Sitka, and Firestorm, but it’s amazing with every generation a Cloud baby was born. The first being Cloud himself, then the second being Boulder, and now his grandcolt Image, we can only hope more Cloud foals will come to keep this amazing Stallion’s legacy alive.

  • Danielle

    I agree with Megan. I grew up in the horse industry and I would perhaps trade my children for a horse…LOL…jk…but on a serious note, it is much better for a few of these wild horses to suffer a fairly quick and mostly humane death for the better of the rest of the population than for hundreds or thousands to suffer a long, slow, sick starvation.

  • Olivia Kohl

    danielle, megan i get what u think but people get sick to and like lea said they are called WILD for a reason. And if u watch cloud at all horses value freedom and family most and in photos the medows are bright green i doubt they starve :D

  • Ash

    I agree with megan, round ups are neccisary unfortunately humans have taken up a lot of land so they dont have much space if 1-2herds arnt rounded up and sold 5-6 would die of stavation

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  • cmo

    i love horses too! but really to many of these posting sound like little girls with no real idea about the real world or how it works. management is a ugly but needed fact. sorry but it`s true deal with it!!!!!

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  • Laureen

    All animals need to be protected from greedy people!!!! Wild horses need all the people to speak up on their behalf. My first horse was a Mustang. If I don’t get another horse that I will help these beautiful animals to be protected from the greedy people who pay other people off to get what they want. Wild horses have found a place in my heart. It will always stay there. But also have to protect all animals too. It would be a dull world without the wild animals we take for granted being there!!!!!! May all animals have a voice to be heard protecting them from those who want to destroy them!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):)

  • katie

    i just got clouds breyers today!!! wild horses are more beautiful than the ones in captivity always wearing halters.

  • Abigail Lindstrom

    Love what you do! I am a big fan of cloud! I have 2 books the movies and the Breyer horse, is that enough? Thanks for your work I love it and am always anxious to hear more!

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