Dogs That Changed the World
Photo Essay: Hard-Wired Behaviors

  • holly

    I love dog

  • shivam

    whats up golden retrivers are awesome

  • dianne salafia

    this is a terrific show about our canine friends. my family got a great pyrenees puppy in july, and we are so uinterested in the inate behavior and instincts of dogs. thank you.

  • Prof. Rizy

    Sorry I missed the show. My wife caught it as I was correcting papers. It has great bearing on the development of human psychology. I’d like to purchase the DVD for class use.

  • ashley

    i love this dog

  • Ed Sahakian

    I just caught the last part of the shaow and have owned dog all my life. There was a time I had 5 dogs and all differene breads.I am ordering the DVD for all my childern.

  • Pete McFadden

    Excellent viewing PBS THANK YOU! I am a dog owner all my life, and found the program riveting, educational, excelent!

  • lisa

    I love Beagle’s and Dachshund.

  • lisa

    I love Beagle’s and Dachshund and all the dog’s in the world.

  • lisa

    I Love all the Dogs in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lisa

    My Birthday is October 16th is next week almost on Halloween.

  • Kathleen

    I love PBS. I have a Great Dane and an American Bulldog. We three were a part of your audience.

  • Steven

    I have a Border Collie, and shes such a sweetheart, but she does love bossing people around, and has quite a thing about nipping at peoples heels as they leave.

  • alyssa

    That`s what border collies were bred to do herd. I have a yorkie but i really want a rottwieler and a welsh corgi(cardigan and pembroke).

  • Wendy

    I have 2 white boxers and I love them both. They are great with my 3 kids. They protect my family very well. I have raised boxers and I think they are the best dogs for families with children. If they are treated good they will do anything to protect.

  • cheryl

    I also have a white boxer and a fawn. They are terric family dogs with lots of personality. Also love the English Springer Spaniels!

  • donavan

    bad boxer i love’em

  • Winston

    Dogs are the best I have 2 Chiuahuas. They are about 1 ruller long…..

  • katie

    i love begals i have 13 hunting begals of my ownwe all go duck hunting me and my friend do.We go on horse back in duck hunting season

  • Emma

    I hate breeding dogs for shows and stuff. It cruel and pedigree dogs are just as cute why breed a dog to have a horrible painful life? Its horrible if you want a dog get a pedigree is will be more playful happy and natural.

  • Emma

    Sophie- Im feeling you sister. im feeling you.
    I Have a pug & a Chiuahua. And when i take the pug for a walk we have to stop every 5 mins so he can catch his breath ITS JUST SO SAD GUYSSS :’(

  • garry livingstone

    i have a begal i got at the shelter she is three years old and can not stand other dogs she will attack them as if she was a big dog is there anyway i can get her too stop this.

  • Bahar

    I love retrievers. Theyre so loyal and adorable:)

  • claasic

    I LOOOOOOVE dogs sooooo much i have about 3 little house dogs anh i LOOOOOOOVE them so mch!!!!

  •!/BecomingDentist Sherron

    Your content has confirmed beneficial to myself. It’s very helpful and also you tend to be naturally extremely proficient of this type. You have opened up my sight in order to varying opinions about this subject together with exciting and sound content.

  • Nancy

    I have two Cardigan Welsh Corgis. They are just wonderful dogs(brother & sister, same mom, different dads). Their herding instincts are unbelievably acute. We live out in the boonies, and have flocks of wild turkeys running through our large yard. If the dogs are outside, they will herd the turkeys and make them run in circles, bunched together, until they get tired of the fun, make no attempt to hurt them outside of an occasional nip to keep order. They were never taught to herd – they just do it naturally, one in the front, one in the back, constantly making eye contact. It’s a joy to watch. They are also excellent, affectionate house dogs, but obsessed with feet (cow’s, sheep’s, horse’s, turkey’s, duck’s, human’s). They are obedient when they know I really mean it, but another of the breed’s characteristics is a thing called “intelligent disobedience” – especially when herding. They quite rightfully know that their instincts about herding are far superior to a humans – so if they think they’re right, they’ll ignore commands. Another breed I would most highly recommend are Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Had one for 15 joyful years – loyal, protective, great with children, easy care, highly intelligent, calm and affectionate.

  • Mark

    Breeding affects about 1% or less of actual dog behavior. 99% of dog behavior is learned, just like humans and any other mammal. Buying a dog of a specific breed guarantees absolutely nothing which is why “behavior schools” are such big business. Understand that dogs are basically children with limited intelligence (but ability to improve decision making with experience) and treat them as if they were equal members of your own family and you’ll have an intelligent, confident, and loyal family member who you will cry for, not because of the function they served, but for the love, comfort and memories they brought to your life.

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