Dogs That Changed the World
Video: Speedy Saluki

For 6,000 years, the Bedouin have bred Saluki from only the quickest dogs with the best eyesight.

  • Emil Lach

    All my SIU friends would love to see this..also my Pekinees owners wold like to see more than the map on the history there. Very interesting! Thanks!!

  • George Gruel

    we have 4 salukis as pets and they roam our six acres and sleep on our king size bed. They are wonderful companions.
    We don’t have a deer problem either. If you have the room (land) fenced in, with a minimum 5 foot high fence, they will bring you very much joy. Pure joy.

  • Lesley Weeks

    Pampered Paws Limited would like to thank you for such an outstanding presentation of Salukis. This is a breed that has been vastly overlooked and with your help this breed will be better understood and admired. Thank you for all your effort and research. Lesley Weeks Founder & CEO Pampered Paws Limited.

  • Elizabeth Davy

    Absolutely outstanding. Lovely people. Lovely dogs. The best Saluki action I have seen on TV ever. I think there’s a whole film in this.

  • Andra Walters

    Absolutely fabulous – I own Ibizan Hounds and Azawakhs which are quite similar and just wonderful footage of the functional hound in their native land… couldn’t get any better – THANK YOU!

  • George Gruel

    We share our lives with 3 Salukis and my wife has had them for 35 years. They are wonderful companions and a joy to watch run. We have 6 fenced acres that the play and hunt in all day… when not sleeping or begging for treats.
    Thank you for this informative piece

  • Ben Thorne

    I dont own dogs…But this really helps with my homework!!!! Thanks.

  • Hasnul Ismail

    Absolutely fabulous! My life n home is shared with my beloved salukis. I have always regarded myself, as a feline person, but I am truly fascinated and much in love with the salukis. Every Wednesdays, they are off leash and it is an awesome sight to see them fly! Truly a breed for me, and an absolutely brilliant jog-a-run companion.

  • nicoletta bonza

    really great!! I have 2 saluki the female creme and male grizzle… video is wery vell made and it is a joy to see these dogs not only in rare books.. thank you a lot

  • Amy

    Absolutely stunning!

  • Ruth

    I have a saluki and it’s always a thrill to watch her run. Brillant video – I want more!

  • Doggy Diva

    I think the biologist and genetists should look at these truly ancient breeds in the DNA of all hounds and add this to the theory that wolves are the beginnings of all dogs. I think that a feral dog breed like the Saluki and Basjeni travelled North into Europe and were bred with wolves to yield other primitive breeds. Dogs have been our partners since before the written words but not all these dogs looked like wolves. Just something to thing about… other than we (humans) should no longer try to manipulate dog breeds and focus our energy on the primitive breeds and their part in our history. How do we restore the damage we have done to dogs? Only breed true to the dogs that are pure, before mixed breeding became a fashion.

  • oliver may

    i have a saluki of my own they are the most best breed of dog i have ever seen they are great dogs to take for a jog i can hardly tell you how pleased i am to have one i recomend you get one

  • Susi M.

    thanks for a real great Video, I have Salukis since 1976 and still have a male and a female. I lived in Dubai 1988-1991 and in Arizona we did hunt with our Salukis, all going back to Saudi and Qatari lines excellent Hunters. I feel sorry to see how many of this lovely Athlets are turned in to Barbie Dolls for Show purpose. A dog as beautiful as a Cheetah.

  • Sam

    I’ve owned (ex-racing) greyhounds for more years than I want to count and acquired a smooth Saluki after a neighbour found her emaciated and tied to a tree to die. I’ve had her for a couple of years now and wouldn’t part with her for the world. They are beautiful dogs quite different in temperament to Greyhounds far more affectionate and demanding of attention. Or maybe that’s just mine. Greyhounds might be faster off the mark and for the first 400m but Salukis just go on and on and on. I like all sighthounds but never thought there’d be a competitor for my preference for Greys. Now I intend always to have both.

  • Michael

    Great Stuff…..

  • Johnny

    Thanks for providing this video to the world.
    At the 40 second point in this video, the colour and pattern of this Saluki is exactly like my puppy (Silver Grizzle, Irish-marked). How cool is that?
    Small world, indeed.

  • Marie Anti

    Why on earth would Pampered Paws Ltd. leave a reply on this breed. This breed rarely goes to groomers like Pampered Paws. Wrong place for advertising.

  • Katherine Brock

    Sam, you’ve really touched on something… the smooth Saluki is such a LOVING creature! I have bred Salukis since the 1970s…. (very few litters I might add). In 2006, I acquired my first smooth Saluki after many years of looking for a good smooth…. she had a litter in October 2008 that are the dearest creatures on the planet to live with. (She was bred to a top-winning feathered Saluki male, I might add.) Even so, I’ve always admired Greyhounds, and totally support the rescue that provides for their rehoming. They are both wonderful breeds to live with. Good for you for adopting them…. and for recognizing their differences!

  • Jackie

    I’m disappointed this video did not discuss the double suspension of the saluki, and I think the information that the saluki holds the prey until the huntmaster is there is not factual. I Love that the saluki was highlighted, but think this piece was very vague and watered down.

  • Tanya

    the impressive thing about the salukis is that they are the quickest dogs with the best eyesight.they’re different from other dogs because they are speed deemond dogs.

  • Durbrow

    My understanding is that Salukis are the rare exception in (most) Moslem cultures distaste for dogs. Can any Saluki owner describe the “Mark of Allah” on the dog that, according to Beduin, indicates that they are blessed by Allah?

  • scott

    The very first post showed SIU. That is Southern Illinois University. The Salukis it the School Mascot. I had the pleasure of frequently being able to pet them and asked many questions from the handlers. they are great dogs. I wish I had one. We have some excellent fenced in sounty dog parks to run .

  • scott

    The very first post showed SIU. That is Southern Illinois University. The Salukis it the School Mascot. I had the pleasure of frequently being able to pet them and asked many questions from the handlers. they are great dogs. I wish I had one. We have some excellent fenced in county dog parks to run .

  • Paulie

    Feb. of this yr. I had to let Cleo pass on. I was told she was a Lab. and Greyhound mix. But I wonder now since I’ve seen this video. She’s got…… I mean she HAD a head like the Lab. Her body was really close and I mean Reall Close to the Saluki, in size, long legs, long slim body w/ a big chest cavity. She was black short hair and it repelled water like a Lab. But her temperment and “smarts” , speed and endurance sound like the Saluki. She could run flat out at 30 mph for a mile I never pushed it , but it was hard to tire her out.! I’ve always had a hard time explaining what her mix was. I sure it’s not a Saluki, just the same she was a great friend.

  • John

    Sighthounds have always been my favorite. A more remarkable, beautiful dog there is not. I have had a Whippet, she was my world. I wish I could get an Ibizian, but that seems to be a tough adoption to come by in the states. All sighthounds have a glorious physique, wonderful temperament, and are desired by myself.

  • Michelle

    Absolutely…magnificent. The Saluki is my favorite breed, and I’ve had my beautiful, long-pined-for first one since September of 2006. Let me tell you, she will not be my only one!!

  • Linda

    Loved seeing Salukis in their native habitat. I would love a whole special just on sighthounds. My 10 yr old feathered Saluki is still absolutely beautiful, and is commented on constantly wherever we go.. I just hope this breed never becomes popular, which would result in “backyard breeding” with many poor specimens resulting. My Saluki is very different from the other sighthounds I have owned (a Greyhound in the past and a Whippet now). My Saluki is a true desert dog. No matter how cold it is, I have never seen him shiver, and he rarely wants to drink water after running – different from my other sighthounds. He color has faded now, and he doesn’t run like he used to, and I am dreading losing this beloved dog in the next few years. Catlike in personality and rather aloof, he has been a wonderful pet , never giving me any problems

  • Elsa Rabin

    please please please allow this to be replayed i think it is amazing … i have watched it many times – shown it to all my grandchildren and keep wishing to share it with friends and now… it is unavailable… pleas reshow it

  • Amado Marsek

    Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you However I am experiencing issue with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting identical rss problem? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

  • Jack

    This is outstanding video I never saw about salukis!I have two males ;2.5 and 1.5 years old,and they are like iranian caviar ,like Rolls Roys of “dogs”,but they arn’t dogs ,they’re wolfs-cats!!!Verry sentitifs,inteligents,fasts,and independants,but they do everything what I ask,never teached them for!Amayzing !and just ,they must be protected from futures “masters”,because they can’t to have Master ,they need Friend,who respect them ,take care about, has time for them;walking ,training ,hunting,and they will be” honey”,and happy.Owner will be surprised and more happy!I had all my life dogs ,but salukis are one roof of sensations and they offerts big pleasure to can have them in humain life!It’s maybe thrue what Bedouins say;they’re gift from Creator to the humains,and 10 thousand years a go people in Orient did understand that,we now,just start to open eyes!!!!Dont buy one saluki if you dont understand that!!but if you’re ready for nicest adventure ,buy two!!!!

  • Sonia Sarnoff

    Thank you for every other wonderful article. The place else may just anybody get that kind of info in such an ideal approach of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such information.


    I observe how Salukis are abusivly used in many country in Europe for coursing,and how in Spain ,they are punished with barbareries,when they dont give satisfaction to theirs tyrans!When you’rnt inteligent ,you can’t to buy one saluki,because you’ll be inferior of him ,and together you’ll be frustrated,but he’ll be daed in mental souffrance,and we fight with it!!This is why I’ld like to propose limitation of breaders,by controles of motivations of “production”,and to etablishe hight price for puppys,for to stop saluki’s bisness,and treatement inapropriated to nobility of this first “dog” in humain culture,but I say HUMAIN!!!and this will be good if they find Culture too!!!Can to live with salukis,is have lesson of respect,elegance,nobility and understanding!!!I prepare videos for YouTube with “demonstration”,what nd how easely they can execute everything what you ask,and they never had special school for do that,just they play,and enjoyto spend time with me.At this moment you can see them at YouTube under :Enzo sprinting ,and Fendi Fal’Khan saluki puppy extraordinnaire,and Introducing Enzo Einstein Ferrari.Enjoy!!!

  • Lindsy Specking

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  • Adam Boldwings

    this seems like a leopard type but skinny dog, I love it! Its so cute…

  • Dog that changed Hepatitis Treatment

    Oh in this link above the same doggy dog has been the main actor to change the way hepatitis is treated, sorry for placing links but I think this one is useful…

  • robin smith

    The information regarding the dog returning the catch to the owner was false. If taught to do this, the saluki can be depended upon. It is not a trait to be assumed. There is too much magnificence in this breed to bother to stretch the truth. Thank you.

  • Andy Gutoski

    There isn’t a Chihuahua, no matter the size that is bad with anyone. Now, if you mistreat a little one they can become real mean, REAL MEAN. they’re super small and people tend to forget that they are a live dog not a toy. My wife and I have four, and they are all protective of their domain along with the propensity to get upset with anyone who is not supposed to be here !! So. Go pick a good pup who you will love and become family with. Don’t hesitate to spay or neuter as soon as possible, as this will deepen the bond with FAMILY.

  • Gretchen

    Could someone please help me APA cite this video?

  • Wooliewebs

    Wonderful video! Enjoyed it thoroughly. many people who own this beautiful breed as pets will be alarmed at their perception of how the dog was treated for hunting. But, in fact the dog was used originally for just that. The Saluki is more domesticated in Europe and North America where they are raced for speed only. But their original heritage was as a hunter. Your video is very informative and I do believe that everything you say about the breed is true as it was used in ancient times. The breed is, in fact, so ancient that when a dog is mentioned in the Bible they are talking about a Saluki! Thank you for your fine video.

  • Saluki Dad

    You really shouldn’t repeat things you’ve heard from other people when you don’t really know as fact. Salukis were not mentions in the bible. When the bible spoke of dogs it usually referred to the unclean scavengers that lived outside of society. You would have never seen a Saluki in this situation.

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