Echo: An Elephant to Remember
Video: Death of a Matriarch

The people who knew Echo best reflect on their great loss.

  • Janet in Cambridge

    I, too, am so glad one of you was there to be with her in her last moments. I can only imagine the pain of the grieving you are probably still experiencing.

    Echo was a elephant second to none and a stunning beauty. I miss her and am glad she had a crew of wonderful women watching her and able to enjoy her life and family. RIP, beautiful girl.

  • Athena C.

    Blessed Echo. You’ve lived a life rivaled to none. I am also glad that Echo had someone to be with her at her last moments. What ever happened to her daughter Enid (Enith?). Has anyone seen her? Do any of Echo’s family members come back to her sight? Godspeed to her journey home into the afterlife.

  • Joan

    What a wonderful love story between man and an extraordinary animal and her family and her amazing life. Thanks for sharing Echo and her family’s life with us. The world is a lesser place when an animal dies. RIP sweet Echo, Erin and all the rest. Until we meet again.

  • Dolores McDaniel

    .. Namaste sweet Echo .. you are never far from my thoughts … tears still flow … my heart still misses you. Namaste sweet Echo.

  • Rick Barcal

    When will you be showing this incredible show again? It is too good to put on the shelf!
    Please let us know.

  • John Brennand

    Vancouver, Canada
    This is the third time I’ve seen this film and it still leaves me in tears. What a magnificent example of a marvelous animal. I visited Zimbabwe in ‘88 & elephants were one of the animals I most wanted to see. There can be little doubt that they have an intelligence not much different from ours. Let’s hope that elephants can survive our insane habit of destroying creatures and their habitat, the world would be a much duller place without them. Bless you Echo, Cynthia & Martin we are so indebted to your work together ( I think Echo deserves credit for what she showed us).

  • Meztly

    just finished watching this and, I’m still in tears especially when I saw I think it was Echo’s sister in agony from the infection, that reminded me of a beloved that had a similar fate. watching someone you love die is the most traumatic thing.
    R.I.P Echo

  • karen haymond

    My husband and I were so touched by Echo’s life and legacy we would like to know how to donate to help protect these beautiful spiritfilled elephants so there family can continue to grow and stay healthy.

  • Annette

    What incredible animals!! I learned so much about elephants that I never knew. It is so touching to see all the caring from Echo and her family. The first time I watched this on PBS, I just bawled….you’d think it was my mom that passed instead of Erin. I hope my legacy to my children is as good as Echo’s. She sets the bar high for anyone to live up to. Cynthia & Martin, I hope you know how lucky you have been to have the privilege of getting to know all these wonderful animals and be able to film so much of their lives. If possible, please let us know how Enid has been doing since Echo passed, my heart just went out to her. Thank you for all you do to help keep these animals safe. I’m ordering the DVD’s tonight so I can watch anytime I want. May God keep you all in his care.

  • Adelina

    I think I’ve seen this about 3 times but nonetheless, I could not control my deep emotions and tears. It is safe to say I have so much love, respect and admiration for these animals, and many others than I have for a few human beings. That is really a sad truth and in some ways, I am imperfect for speaking so. However, thanks to shows like this that enable me to have a little glimpse of the Natural world and its magnificent beauty. Humans, in many ways, are destroying the best of what Nature has to offer us.

  • Marcus tan

    She will aways be in my heart…..R.I..P echo

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