Echo: An Elephant to Remember
Video: Rescuing Ebony

Echo and family respond when their charismatic daughter is stolen by another group of elephants.

  • Frankie

    I love Elephants…

  • Tiffany

    i never thought that could happen but it was scared and really cute to see it get rescued

  • Shelleen

    I love the bond in elephant families. This is why I love them so much. What a wonderful story – thank you for bringing it to us!

  • Joyce Ward

    Will this incredible story be aired again? I only saw the last 20 minutes. Thank you.

  • Penny

    I have been an admirer of Ms.Moss,her dedicated ranger’s and the women of Amboseli,I was shocked to hear of Echo’s death and must be terribly missed by her extended family.Mankind has treated all animal’s as if they were their’s to torture,maim and kill for the almighty $ Buck $ that is all they can breed,I would gladly donate my time a limb my life,if it would help strike down the people that still think it cool to kill for a piece of a horn,hair,rug even an ash tray.
    Echo proved that she and her kind were not stupid,waste ful, nor killed indiscrimnatly.The majority of man kind have that undisputed spot in history,I’m ashamed to be classafied or geneticly related to this era of murderer’s/
    Ms.Moss and friend’s I honor you and all of your kind

  • Kathy Khoshfahm

    Elephants are such intelligent creatures, yet they continue to be hunted and slaughtered for their Ivory. This animal has paid its’ dues; it’s time we let them be…

  • JLynne

    Their ability to organize and get that baby back absolutely amazed me!! What highly intelligent and devoted animals they are!! wow!

  • Linda

    Mom’s rule!

  • gg

    these stately and beloved creatures make me even prouder to be a Republican… they ‘echo’ nobility amidst a noisy and disorderly throng



  • John Harris

    I have always loved elephants and the story of Echo was amazing yet heart breaking. I cried and cried when she died. In Tenn, there is a place rescuing elephants. I never had bucket list but I do now. Id love to just go for a walk in the woods with a elephant bye my side. Echo will live in my heart forever.

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