Elsa's Legacy: The Born Free Story
Video: Virginia McKenna at Elsa's Camp

In this video from Elsa’s Legacy: The Born Free Story, actress Virginia McKenna, returns to Elsa’s camp.

  • Brian T. Seguin (Canadian)

    Goose bumps, tearfull, still to this day, it is, and still is a very touching True story… Remarkable…and it’s a shame as to the endangered life, of all wild animals caused by the shameless killing / slaughter of ANY animal…. by Human animals!!! To all the gentile souls that take part in protecting them, Gods will; will protect You all. bts.

  • Noanie Rofoli

    The tears still flow freely fifty years later for Elsa, Bill and Joy. There are people who God blessed to have the courage, love and devotion to take care of these magnificent lions, and other animals, even giving their life in the process. I thank them as well as those who continue their work to help protect what is left of the wild and free lions and other animals so in need of our help. Thank you Virginia for taking us back to see Elsa one more time. Elsa and the other lions will remain in our consciousness and hearts forever.

  • Erin Stroup

    NIce Mom!!!!

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