Extraordinary Cats

Playful, brave, loving, and incorrigible! NATURE ponders those EXTRAORDINARY CATS.

Cats command our attention and our devotion. These fascinating creatures have been perplexing people for thousands of years. Are they wild or tame? Aloof or emotional? Funny or indignant? Angelic or mischievous? Needy or independent? The answer is all of the above. And that’s why we adore them.

In fact, they outnumber dogs as pets 66 million to 55 in the U.S. After all, they’re more independent, and, perhaps even more significantly, cats provide us with a close connection to something wild.

Indeed, no matter how well a cat is fed, stroked, brushed, and otherwise fussed over, they are hunters at heart.

EXTRAORDINARY CATS profiles fascinating felines — from Sooty, a cat who found his way over 100 miles back home, to Scarlett, who risked her life to save her kittens from a burning building.

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Online content for EXTRAORDINARY CATS was originally posted February 1999.

  • Alexandra

    T|his kitty is sooooooooooo cute! :)

  • Ayman Rabie

    Pls. Send me all new photos because i’m interested in following all new cat’s Photos
    Best Regards

  • Naama

    I love kitties!!! I have 2 At home!!!!
    Send me cat photos!!!!!!!!

  • jo healing

    I want a true story published so that other people can see what cats are capable of.

    This story is of my 2 cats who bravely and deliberately saved me from injury or possible death.

    Are you interested in me sending the details?

  • makala

    cool cat

  • Janine

    This kitten is adorable. I makes me think about how many kittens I have had in my life.

    There were quite a few.

    They were all beloved, except for Rascal. He lived up to his name!

    Want to know more?
    Are you interested in me sending the details?

  • jada

    this kitten so cuite i would die to have it

  • Katie

    cute cue cute cute cute cute

  • Bob

    This particular pic doesn’t show the diversity of the animal! :(

  • hannah

    I think that the cat can have a little more exitement

  • antonio

    awww the kitty is hawt :)

  • Caitlyn

    How do siamiese cats breed?

  • Laura

    cats are so cuit! and so easey to take care of. they will always love you if you love them back.

  • john

    i am,i wont say master, a friend of a cat that ive known for 15 years and to this day shes still just as important to me as she was the day i found her

  • bryn

    that is such a cute kitty

  • B-Dizzle

    the cate is kool, and slamin

  • jenine

    awwww its so cute!!!XD

  • Sofia Fretes

    awwww [he or she] is so cute [adorable] i luve him !!!!

  • Michelle053

    i have 4 cats

  • lynn

    I’ve got 6 cats. I love em now and will always love cats. There is something so ’special’ about them.

  • nicole

    i have 3 cats but if wee go 2 years before i have 12 cats

  • Sue Coker

    It is with sadness that we announce Reebok – the cat in the picture – passed away a the age of 16 on August 13th 2009. He will be missed terribly. What a great boy and a great life he lead. We emigrated to Canada in 1999 and he loved his home here

  • jill

    well,naama,i have five so haha!! I love cats!! My own is named sawyer and is an orange tabby that is 20 pounds!!

  • dorin

    i have one
    i love it

  • brianna

    siamese cats breed like all other cats

  • cory

    i love my cat hes so darn adorable im breedin him

  • skye

    AWWWWWW!!!! I love cats and I have 3 of them… they are adorable!

  • katie

    how can i get a pershen

  • ruthann medviille

    I love all 8 of mine beyond belief-peaches, ben, quiera, moshie, rene, miriam, kadema and tikvah miss sifpj very much

  • Susan

    The comment about them being hunters at heart is so true. We’ve taught ours to use what basically amounts to a toilet for kitty but he still runs after birds every chance he gets. Can’t change who they are!

  • Meow EMMA

    CATS!!! That is a cute cat!!! Reebok is cute cute cute and cute. Sorry about what happend to Reebok. I am a cat fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time : 1:20

  • grace

    i like dogs and cats

  • logan whitfield

    i hate cats but love dogs

  • jackalope

    i have found that you never own a cat,they feel that the reverse is true

  • Cheeks

    I love cats so much because I think they are so fuzzy!!!!!!!

  • omen

    I have three cats. An orange tabby(Picachu),an angora,deaf(Snow White),and a calilco(Spooky Two). All three females. They are my best companions.

  • Charree

    Aww! That cat looks like our cat(Hermione)!

  • Kelli McLeavey

    This looks exactly like my kitty waffles!!!!!!!! ITs sooo weird!!!!!!

  • majika

    so nice….! i have 7 cats..

  • GOLU

    lovely cat, god bless and keep safe all wildlife

  • Kyira1441

    I have two wonderful kittycats, Scarlett and Romeo, they are the sweetest felines on this earth. Scarlett’s a nut and Romeo’s a laidback flamepoint Siamese. They are the best of the best!

  • Brittany Krauth

    “MEOW!” Who likes cats around here? I LOVE cats!!!!!!!!!

  • dakota

    they are so cute i would marry one

  • Lucyna Jewel

    I Am ubsesd with DOGS!!!

  • Nalini

    I Iove cats

  • James

    great pic!

  • koko wawa

    انا احب القطااااو وااااااااااااايد

  • Autumn

    I absoltey l looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had 2.one was Sweetie the other one her name is Kitty. Kitty was the Devil & Sweetie was an angle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;( I LOVE YOU SWEETIE

  • Gina

    Cats are one of the most intelligent creatures around. Really they know exactly what they want.
    thanks for looking

  • Cynthia

    I am owned by 3 cats. Buddy 11, Miss Lily 4, and Pryncess Diva 3. All are rescuses after being dumped by unfeeling owner. They are my world. Waking me in the morning ,at 5 a.m.

    Of all the cats I have ever had the one I loved the most was my snow white shorthair named Loco. I had her for 12 years .Meanest cat in the world to everyone except me. My family kept telling me to get rid of her or I might get hurt. But one look into those big yellow eyes an you just melt . You could not help but love her , but beware of the claws. I do not beleive in declawing. Anyway, Loco lived most of her life outside until I move into a place that allowed cats.I now have Buddy 11, Miss Lily 4, and Pryncess Diva 3. They run the house and my life.

  • siamese cats

    I don’t mean colors. I mean….. well I’ve seen siamese cats that are extremely skinney with pointy faces and very short hair and other siamese cats with longer hair and not so skinney. Are they not both siamese or are the longer haired ones maybe mixed?
    My friend’s cat had kittens and the father is siamese. I haven’t seen the kittens yet but was confused by the difference in pics I found when I did a search. She’s sending me some pictures. I hope they are the “apple heads”. I prefer the look of them.

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  • siamese cats

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  • Emma Whitfill

    I love cats! They are so incredible! I mean, they have so much pride. They have manged to become the center of many human’s attention. How they used to survive without us, I have no idea. I would really like to know more about them, as I have not really learned much from my two cats and three kittens. I thought I might know more if I looked on this website. But, I guess 11 year olds don’t really know much, do we?

  • me

    I love kitties. I left my guy after 13 yrs but didn’t have the heart to take away our pet from him. I visit both of them quite often now and admit I love the cat which brings me back time and time again.

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