Frogs: The Thin Green Line
Infographic: All About Frogs

Frogs are amphibians, a class of animals best known for living in both water and land. Amphibians have no hair or scales, and generally reproduce by laying eggs under water. Unlike warm-blooded humans, amphibians are cold-blooded, meaning their temperature changes based on the temperature of their surroundings. Here are some facts and stats about the amazing, amphibious frog. Click infographic on image to enlarge image.

Infographic: All About Frogs, PBS Nature

  • leroy

    They are also in alot of trouble all across the planet with the exception of a pocket here and there.They appear to be on their way to no longer existing gone, but for a memory and then history books or kindles whatever they will be called in the future.If it was just nature doing what nature does that would be sad but true as we say.I am convinced however that humans are a large part of the problem simply by the sheer number of humans now living on the planet.No spaces or not enough connected spaces for all kinds of animal and creatures to thrive.If they run into an evolutionary time where they are having to adapt rapidly in order to survive,the least that we humans have done is deplete their gene pool and the space and resources needed to hunker down and take full advantage of every new mutation, the more genes the better chance of genetic adaptation through mutation.GO FROGS .

  • Gretchen Farrar-Foley

    This poster is great! Where can I get a copy of it?

  • Eliana Cordoba

    I am so concern about frogs and amphibians in general. They are very important as any other organism is in the food web. They are amazing creatures as well, their eyes, their bodies and their sounds are so graceful and happy. Is very criucial to keep the programas scientists have in tehir labs, still nothing like been free. If policymakers do not become precise and strong enough in what needs to be done to clean up the water and the air, people alone cannot go for change and favor the many species in danger of extinction. People, scientists, laws and politics, business, land owners…technology we all need to have the seam goal of protection. Frogs alone cannot combat billios of humans polluting their little habitats. I love frogs and all animals on earth, even the most dangerous. We can all live together if economy switchs for sustainable ways, if everything is connected, education and investment is required to focus on new economic goals for the current and future generations. Whats in my mind? A FROG!

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