Frogs: The Thin Green Line
Interactive Map: Frogs Around the World

  • alex

    at school were learning about frogs and doing a work sheet and i was wondering the climate for the borroolong frog if sombody can post it

  • Miss Jennifer

    On the map above- find Australia. There are 3 red bubbles. The red bubble in the northeast quadrant (upper right) is the one you want. Click on the bubble. Information about the Booroolong frog will then appear in the box below the map. In this box it describes the habitat, which says something about the climate (i.e- desert=hot and dry). For more on the climate, I would google Tablelands of Australia. I hope this helps.

  • Aaron S.

    This map is a good tool, however, I wonder about the other species of frogs. In my area (Southwestern PA) there are pickerel frogs, green frogs, spring peepers, mountain chorus frogs and wood frogs. The wood frog has the unique ability to be completely frozen for the duration of winter. It survives this by releasing urea and glucose into its bloodstream and organs to protect it from ice forming and cells shrinking. It would be neat if this map was more populated with species.

  • Marcia

    Leopard frogs were common in my Wisconsin lawn when I was growing up. It seems they’re scarce here now. Are they really only in the east as shown on the map?

  • Karen Genest

    Could the funguses that are contaminating frog habitats be spread by migrating birds?

  • Wendy

    Thanks for the map, it’s great although not full… I like frogs, used to do a kinda research on them in school. It was a wonderful time…
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  • Bob Conner

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  • Bob Conner

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  • Ron

    Frogs are amazingly complicated creatures. I like studying them so much.

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  • play mkv file

    Thank God our biology teacher never tried to make us kill a frog for a scientific reason. Otherwise I would have had a psycological trauma.

  • karinisha

    frogs are very interesting creatures.they are very intelegent and have theyre own ways of life. after all life is very hard for these little cereatures.some are pouisonous. american bull frogs are my faveorites.i am only in 3 grade.

  • james bryan

    Can frogs be saved by captive breeding ? If so, enlist the frog fancy to breed the most endangered.

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