In the Valley of the Wolves
Interactive Map: Where Yellowstone Wolves Roam

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  • daniel

    thanks for the information provided on this map.

  • Erik

    Yes, thank you for the information provided on this map.

  • dbmitchell

    Love the map! Excellent current information on various packs. Please keep up the good work for those of us who love the wolves and pray for their survival.

  • Justin

    The program was incredible! Yellowstone has so much to offer. I learn something new about it all the time!


  • lenny

    The interactive map serves as a very clear and useful tool especially after watching the TV program. The wolves are stunning. I love the wolf. Ahoooooooooo

  • lenny

    The interactive map serves as a very clear and useful tool especially after watching the TV program. The wolves are stunning. Ahoooooooooo

  • john zambrano

    where can i buy the full dvd set in the valley of the wolves. the druid clan?

  • fredrica

    with out wolves we could fall in a deep depretion.

  • Westley Tatman

    We are going to Yellowstone in January 2010 with the Wolf Discovery Program. I am thrilled and hoping to see some of the Druids.

  • David

    Thank you so much for generating this facinating porgramming on wolves. Please keep it going for those of us and many others who celebrate and pray for the return of Wolves in the West. Thank you so much!

  • Mark Herwig

    Enjoyed “In the Valley of Wolves” very much. It told it like it is, no sugar coating—honesty is very much needed when it comes to predator/prey relationships —including humans as predators. I live in Minnesota, which has 3,000 wolves. They are hard to spot, however, due to their heavily timbered range. I have always wanted to see wolves, but never have….just seen their tracks and heard their howling while deer hunting.

    In Yellowstone last Oct. 16, I spotted the Mollies Pack by Sulpher Caldron in the Pelican Valley. They milled around an old carcass, then ran north and watched a herd of bison and elk before melting back into the forest! There were 13 of them. Seeing this incredible predator was a life’s dream come true. This country can be proud of bringing the wolf back to the west to fullfil its vital ecological role.

  • Romain

    Incredible story!

  • Noah

    Is the Hayden Valley still alive to this very day?

  • Noah

    For anyone who doesn’t already know about this and loves wolves,

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    You can also become a member of the community and play multiplayer with other people

  • Shannon

    The Hayden Valley pack was pretty much decimated about 3 years ago. Both the alpha male and female were killed along with several others by the Mollies pack.. Two years ago a new pack came into being, the Canyon park. the alpha female is the daughter of the Hayden Valley alpha female, and this pack is often seen in Hayden Valley.

  • Lena

    I really like this map because it helps with this project I’m doing in Science! It is hard to get information on how the wolves are doing at this moment!! Thanks for the info!!!

  • Mike

    Wonderful collection of amazing cinematic footage with some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife interactions. Mollie’s pack, named after the late Director of U. S. Fish and Wildlife, Mollie Beattie, is a particular favorite of my wife and me as we have seen all of Jim and Jamie Dutcher’s films on the creation of the pack and Mollie’s involvement with the animals. Her death was a tragedy for the wildlife movement and for those of us who knew her.
    Thank you.

  • Mike Zatelny

    What a great story,just can’t get enough. Thanks will wait for more

  • Monicka

    How far is it from Leopold to Slough Creek?

  • Tigerstripe

    I need an HTML but great map!

  • Cathleen

    Please note that many of your viewers have iPads near at hand and iPads do not have flash drive programing that would enable us to make use of your interactive map during the program.

    An pad interactive map would be greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely, Cathleen Baird

  • mike

    Watched the show in High Def. on PBS, pretty neat!

  • Jeremy

    Updates? The latest information seems to be from 2007. It would be nice to get some updates from the last 4 years!

  • Roger

    Isn’t it true that the Druid pack has been killed off by ‘mange’?

  • Jakayla

    We need a new updated interactive map, I’m typing a story and my pack goes to Yellowstone, and i need to know how many wolves and packs are still left, please make a 2013 interactive map so that i can see where my packs territory can fit in!

  • zooz

    i love the slough creek BEST…….i want to go there…..

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