Inside the Animal Mind

Intriguing surprises await viewers Inside the Animal Mind a three-part NATURE miniseries.

We all believe that our pets are both intelligent and sensitive. After all, they understand our commands, read our moods, and know just how to manipulate us to get what they want. In some ways, they anticipate our behavior as accurately as we do theirs.

But are these truly examples of intelligence, or simply the results of trial and error derived from millennia of contact with humans? Can animals actually apply insight to problem-solving and understand abstract concepts? Do they reflect on the past and worry about the future? Are they capable of recognizing their own mortality?

NATURE explores the intriguing subjects of animal intelligence, emotions, and self-awareness, when it takes viewers Inside the Animal Mind.

To order a copy of Inside the Animal Mind, please visit the NATURE Shop.
Online content for Inside the Animal Mind was originally posted January 2000.

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