Katrina's Animal Rescue
Ask the Rescuers: Introduction

You watched them work tirelessly to rescue and treat stranded pets. Now Jane Garrison, Dave Pauli, and Dr. Debra Campbell, answer your questions about their heroic efforts.

Jane Garrison
Search and Rescue Professional and Founder of Animal Rescue New Orleans

Dave Pauli
Regional Director for The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

Dr.Debra Campbell
Veterinarian, Veterinary Medical Assistant Teams (VMAT)

  • Frank Najmi


    I am in the 8th grade at Manhasset Middle School and we are reading the book Buddy. In the book it goes into Katrina and how pet rescue was important. When I read about your resue efforts I was amazed. I was wondering if all the animals resued that were not returned to their owners were placed in new homes. What happens to the dogs that are not placed. Who feeds them and takes care of them. Having just gone through storm sandy I found out that places like Nassau Community College had a shelter for people and their pets to come. Was this always the case or was it Katrina that finally brought awareness to this problem.

    Thank you, Frank

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