The waters off the tip of Southern Africa are a haven for sharks. Roughly 140 different species inhabit the cold waters along the western coast of the continent and the temperate seas along the east–huge, but harmless whale sharks, and predators like the fearsome Great White, 15-foot-long tiger sharks, swift short fin makos, and the sand tiger shark, one of a surprisingly large number of cannibalistic members of the animal kingdom, in which sibling rivalry reaches murderous extremes.

In Sharkland, you’ll learn why species that are normally found oceans apart converge in this one relatively small stretch of coastline, and you’ll be introduced to many of these unique animals, including the catsharks of the Agulhas Bank a 155-mile-wide stretch of shallow warm seas off the southeastern tip of the continent, Southern Africa’s richest fishing grounds. You’ll also explore nature’s most extreme sharks – the fastest, fiercest, smallest, and strongest – and discover the innovative adaptations that have made the Great White such an efficient killing machine.

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Online content for Sharkland was originally posted May 2007.

  • kimberly

    the great white shark looks so cool

  • jessica batdorf

    sherk a so mean

  • AmbiBambi

    holy cow i was in the ocean with a shark cause a guy was fishing at the beach on shore(weird) and wen he released the shark it was in the water a couple feet away from me and my sisters luckely it was a tiny baby shark though but we got out the water in time!

  • esmeralda

    that is cool

  • viviee

    thats not a great white its a tiger shark. Anyway sharks are not mean they just need to eat.

  • holden mathers

    megladons are bigger then anything.there not instinkt.

  • Cynthia St. Clair

    Viviee I agree…it’s a tiger. To call a shark “mean” is silly…they don’t have human motivations, they are just living their lives.

  • tayler272


  • Mike


  • Nolan

    At the end of the show it said we could come to this sight and find the fastest, biggest(the whale of course) and other information. I found none of this. Why?

  • Josef Touet

    I was in south africa in 1957 from august-october and
    each weekend i traveled to the caop of good hope i never forget the thinks i have seen was one of the best tomes of my life.i was living on sea point
    direct on the beach.beautiful indeed Josef Touet

  • John

    Fascinating! Exceptional photography! Evolution has produced creatures that the mind of man could never have imagined.

  • Ed Minera

    I swam with sharks at the Blue Hole in Belize, it was great! Next stop South Africa!

  • Jennifer

    i told my teacher about this show and she didnt believe me

  • dena

    My 9 year old used this show as a guide for her science project. The project was on making a food web using 2 or more food chains… all the different species of shark and what they eat made this much easier for her. Thanks!

  • Angela

    this show was INCREDIBLE. I enjoyed it so very much. amazing underwater footage. with really good detail. congrats to the film makers A++. pbs rocks!!
    Thank you for expanding my world. you never cease to amaze me!!

  • princesspop

    I can never get this game on the screen; so I do not know what it is about. Every time I try there is always a really long introduction and I do not like it one bit. But the game is fun once I get through the introduction. Soooooo cool!

  • Lashonda Cribbin

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  • Thandie Newton

    What I desire to know is why you didnt feel to include the other side of this issue? You can find so a lot of things that youre missing here that I dont see how you could really form an intelligent opinion on the subject. Its like you didnt even consider that there me be another side here. Im kind of disappointed.

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