The Joy of Pigs

NATURE’s The Joy of Pigs explores the extraordinary variety and success of these often misunderstood mammals.

Pigs may be in vogue today among filmmakers and Beverly Hills society matrons, who stroll around with potbellied porkers while shopping on Rodeo Drive. But this ubiquitous animal has been around since before the Ice Age — and in some parts of the world, pigs have been treated like stars for centuries.

The surprising allure of this creature in all its astonishing varieties is the subject of The Joy of Pigs The program guides viewers around the globe for a look at exotic wild pigs and an exploration of the different roles that domesticated pigs play in human societies.

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Online content for The Joy of Pigs was originally posted November 1996.

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  • Casey

    Okay so my question is, what’s the point of this? Seriously. What? Why would someone want to learn about pigs? Much less take the time to use these big words. My friend and I seriously laughed so hard reading this crap.

  • Casey

    And fyi. You guys aren’t very good at spelling and grammar. No offense.

  • Sarah

    Wow.. Whoever made this website really has no life. The picture at the top is cute though.. I’ll give you that. :) But seriously. Why? Is there a point?

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  • Melissa

    I work with thousands of the curious lil turds. I have very mixed feelings about them but I see and deal with all aspects of mass production.

  • Allison L. P.

    pigs are rather strange, i admit but they are still kinda cute in their owns little way.

  • Allison L. P.

    pigs are rather strange, i admit but they are still kinda cute in their own little ways.

  • alyssa

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  • scott

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  • Josh

    Dear Nature,

    I was wondering If you guys have ever considered putting an age restriction on the comment section. That way the little kids who are confused by the big words will not bother us with their annoying comments.


    lol if you weren’t interested in pigs then why are you here even,and some of us research pigs get a grip on yourself there is something good in every animal even humans lol

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  • tahia

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  • Sacally

    I have razorback piglet.. That someone found in the woods and sold to me as a half potbelly lol yeah right… But I love my pet pig Charlotte she’s extremely intelligent and she’s only 3 months old. She loves my dog, cat and the chickens. She’s a wonderful companion and loves to be scratched behind the ear. pigs are wonderful!

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  • pork rinds

    It’s a misconception that pigs are smarter than dogs. Perpetrated by anticruelty and ignorant people who want them to be something more than a food source! People need to stop regurgitating the crap the read from other boards, yahoo answers, etc! Researchers have found that dogs are better at certain task and pigs are better at others. So pig lovers need to stop trying to persuade us that pigs are so intelligent. However I do love pigs! Especially when they are on my plate!

  • college student

    Porkrinds, I don’t think how smart an animal is should have anything to do with how we treat. We should treat it based on its capacity to feel pain. Pigs can clearly feel pain. There’s nothing wrong with eating pigs as meat because we need meat to stay alive, but we should kill them in a humane manner, we should minimize their pain as much as we can.

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    Viva the pig!

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  • Rose

    I’m writing a novel about our pet pig named Willy. I looked up this site to find anything else I didn’t’ know about pigs to add in some way to my book. Is that stupid? I don’t think so. And pigs, I find are extremely intelligent, sensitive, funny animals. They don’t like their pens dirty and they don’t smell. At least Willy doesn’t. So don’t be a hater of pigs until you really get to know one!

  • Brooke

    Ok most of you shouldnt say anything if you have never owned or been around a pig. Some pigs are smart and some are not. You can say pigs are fat but thats just the way they are, just like hippos and panda bears. Some pigs are cute and some are not. If you dont like the article or you cant understand it then get off. Just saying.

  • Camille Dareau

    I rescued two pigs from an intensive farm, they are more like people than we would like to admit in terms of their emotional and intellectual complexity. When I look in their eyes I know they think and understand. This is my Wise Pig’s facebook page:

  • dylan

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