The Joy of Pigs
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There are little pink pigs, ferocious hairy tuskers, and all manner of pigs in-between. There are pigs in steamy rainforests, dry savannas, and snowy woodlands. From humble beginnings in the jungles of Asia, pigs have become one of the most successful mammals on earth. Our film travels the globe to celebrate their fascinating lives.

This program premiered November 17, 1996.

  • jB

    Many thanks for adding new archives episodes… I don’t have access to the tv and don’t have access to lot of archives episodes… i just sent an e mail about that and it seems that my wish was fulfilled !!

  • avigail

    had a great time watching this episode with my 5 year old. thank you for providing full episodes, same as JB, we also do not own a tv. To us the advertising was onerous, but it is wonderful to be able to still watch Nature. thanks.

  • jim

    Thank you for putting on an episode from the george page era.this was a very informative episode about domestic and wild forms of pigs. I have been a fan of nature since the early eighties since it began, and have a special fondness for the george page era. I hope this is a start of Nature releasing earlier episodes from its archives so people who are are just starting to watch nature can learn how this great series began

  • mrs calhoun


  • Karl

    No pigs in the US? what about the wild pigs brought to the smokie mountains by Roosevelt.

  • miranda

    cant see the video

  • Wilton

    This episode was terrible and out of touch with reality, but I can see that the episode was centered on entertainment and meant for children. It’s a shame that more than half the episode covered the role of pigs as pets, when the number of pet pigs is insignificant compared to the billion pigs that are raised for factory farming. Less than 2 minutes of the episode was spent on pigs in factory farms in the US.

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