The Reptiles: Alligators and Crocodiles

The Reptiles: Alligators and Crocodiles looks at the ultimate predators at the margins of the water and the land.

Some amuse us, others terrify us. They slither, swim, walk and crawl, leap and lunge, and some spend their entire lives contained within a shell. Their ranks include some of the most skillful predators on Earth. And their long-departed dinosaur ancestors are an unending source of fascination to humanity, both in fiction and scientific endeavor. They are “The Reptiles,” the fascinating subjects of a four-part NATURE miniseries.

With guidance from leading experts on Alligators and Crocodiles, the first episode reveals that the world of these creatures is a lot more complex than we ever imagined. Some of the most surprising sequences reveal that the crocodile is not only the ultimate predator in the natural world but also a highly intelligent animal. The prorgam explores what the future holds for these living dinosaurs.

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Online content for The Reptiles: Alligators and Crocodiles was originally posted February 2003.

  • taysia

    this looks scary i cant believe someone actually got that close to a alligator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ari’ana

    wow!!That is sooooooo awsome dude:)

  • bigbaby14

    im just scared. why do we have to learn about alligators and crocodile

  • killer7

    this is funny

  • rhodondo

    It’s very interesting learning about these cold blooded animals

  • jessthegiant

    Alligators are amazing animals and deserve alot of respect! W00T!!! :P

  • crock man

    your all fogetting about the crockodile it is one the best animals in the world along whith the snake

  • ellery

    I want to learn about alligators.

  • zenab

    Both alligators and crocodiles are harmful creatures yet don’t exactly desrve to be put down or kileed by hunters, as they are now.

  • kelsey

    i love to learn about reptiles so i do alot of reasearch on these animals

  • kelsey

    wow i am so sorprised about these it is so interesant

  • ABDI

    crocs and gators are really deadly so dont touch there mouth!

  • Tony

    Are alligators reptiles?

  • Diana

    its amazing how those animals think.

  • David (Reptile222)

    Good Episode I Love Reptiles And Mammals. How Could Someone Kill An Animal! They Don’t Deserve To Be Killed! ~ From A Friendly Werewolf

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