True Adventures of the Ultimate Spider-Hunter

spider held by Martin Nicholas spider hunter

They can run, and they can try to hide, but no spider can escape the tireless pursuit of Martin Nicholas, as he proves in True Adventures of the Ultimate Spider-Hunter.

Comic book hero Spider-Man can climb walls and swing from building to building on super-strong silk. But that’s nothing compared to the spider superpowers revealed in True Adventures of the Ultimate Spider-Hunter.

Join spider expert Martin Nicholas, a mild-mannered water treatment engineer by day, as he tours the world in search of some of the most amazing arachnids. First stop is Arizona, where the spider hunter encounters Tucson blond tarantulas. This spider can detect movement on the surface from two feet down its burrow. The desert also harbors jumping spiders, with binocular-like eyes and incredible jumping abilities. In southern Mexico, Nicholas seeks the legendary golden orb-weaver, which produces the world’s strongest silk. Armed with his spider-cam — “a miracle of precision engineering and duct tape” — Nicholas travels to French Guiana in search of the world’s biggest spider, the goliath bird-eater, which can grow to 12 inches in diameter.

Along the way, meet communal spiders that work together — by the thousands — to build web cities, and the pink-toed tarantula, which can both skydive and walk on water! Even Spider-Man might have a hard time equaling that. Buy the DVD. Online content for True Adventures of the Ultimate Spider-Hunter was originally posted February 2006.

  • Nancy

    I hope you can help. I am a room parent for a 5th grade class. Have little to no budget, can’t have a ‘halloween’ party…I though it would be good for the kids to see an episode of the ‘Spider-Hunter’ is this possible. Can you assist me, and if you have any other ideas they would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jelisa B.Gardner

    I;ve always had a bit of a fascination for spiders I loved the show i came in on the end where he finds the blind tarantula the goliath tarantula and the brazilian wandering spider i love the pink toe spider its coo how it just floats on water I love having the this knowledge I share the information with my older brothers one of them hates spiders so its fun to scare him with the knowledge thank you PBS

  • Tracey Jewett

    I would like to know if you can identify a spider I took a picture of while in Maui. Please contact me at the address attached. It is one of the most beautiful spiders I have ever seen. Thank you so much. Tracey :) :) :)

  • caroline

    its super interesting

  • Lisa DiRocco

    I have a picture of a spider that I took on my porch, in central New Jersey, U.S.. I googled the description of the spider and even visited many local spider sites to try to identify it, with no spider even coming close to looking like this one. It has a silver abdomen with black lightening bolts and a black bowtie with white dots on each ‘flap’ of the bowtie. The spider has eight green legs. I was taken aback with how unusual this spider looks. I have never seen anything remotely like it! If someone knows how I can email Martin Nicholas, or another entymologist, with pictures of this spider (I think it could be a new or very rare species) please let me know…

  • jo

    I’m trying any sight featuring poison spiders to find out about what may be the most dangerous spider in the world that’s found in the San Fransico Bay Area and along the coast. I believe it was brought here by gold seekers in the 1800. The females are the dangerous ones, they have big bodies and short stubby legs and are brown. I was bit by one in 1982. This spider is being kept from the public. I’d like to know about the spider that almost killed me.

  • Mia

    I have had an intense, sometimes paralyzing and somewhat irrational fear of spiders since childhood. Even turning the page of a book that contained a picture of a spider was enough for me to break out into a sweat. Though obsessively afraid of these creatures I also strangely hold a fascinated appreciation for them. Last night when I ran across this show I had no intention of watching but Martin Nicholas pulled me in with his enthusiasm and earnest fondness for spiders and though some of it was watched through the tiny openings my hands covering my eyes left open, wanted to say thanks for a great show!


    Hi. Just found your WEB SITE about SPIDERS. I appreciate spiders, and appreciate people who do, too.
    I keep some spiders as a hobby, and for the spiders’ protection. For instance, I currently have an adult
    female WOLF SPIDER ( HOGNA GENUS ) which I keep in a container large enough for her to move
    around. She is BIG–and probably wouldn’t be around, were she to have crawled into someone else’s
    bath tub! I have had “SUBURBAN” since 9/27/09. Come past Valentine’s Day, she rolled an egg sac.
    So now I am wondering how long till the Spiderlings hatch. And if “SUBURBAN” will continue to live,
    after the SPIDERLINGS leave the protection of her back, and become independent. I wish to keep
    a couple of her babies–separately. And let the rest go free, somewhere safe–for the Spiderlings–as
    they grow. If you know the answers to these questions, I would appreciate a reply.

    Thank you. Sue Johnson March 13, 2010

  • Chris Ponton

    Loved the show. The best one yet!

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