Wisdom of the Wild
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We may think of ourselves as the most intelligent beings on the planet, yet it seems there is a great deal we can learn from our fellow creatures. Their understanding of the world pre-dates our own, and carries with it extraordinary abilities to heal, communicate, and transform our lives. This film premiered December 5, 1999.

  • amin ahmed

    thank you

  • JB

    A good proof of the necessity to protect biodiversity… maybe as people are not wise enought to protect animals just for themselves they’ll realize that it’s necessary for their own health… I hope the scientific finding new remedies did not just sell patents to private labs because this is just spoliation of these countries that shud get the benefits of this knowledge!!!!!!

  • Steven J. Beke

    Nature is the greatest teacher.

  • dj

    i hope that people will understand these medications

  • Dave

    I agree with JB’s remark. I find a tremendous spiritual lesson in this.

  • thomas

    just because dolphins are relatively intelligent doesn’t mean they know something that humans do not, and even if they do have a slightly positive effect on one disabled child doesn’t prove anything about their intelligence or what we can learn from them. also, orphaned elephants may remind some to be compassionate and resilient but they are not teaching us to be so, most people already know how to do that. for the most part this episode has lots of breadth but not enough depth

  • t

    it was a good episode though

  • zulu jackson

    Haven’t all our advancements and civilizations on this planet copied from animals, we learnt to fly watching the birds and insects, to use sound to communicate underwater watching the whales and dolphins exhibit their mastery sonna tech, etc. Thus it behoves on us humans (so called master of the planet) to pause in our greed and hate and learn to love one another just like the elephants and baboon do. Thanks for a very educating documentry and remain blessed.

  • David

    It’s been over 10 years now, since this was first broadcast. A follow-up on some of these segments would be nice.

    For example, how’s George doing? I hope well.

  • Parker

    This episode touched me VERY deeply. Truly, the emotions brought on by the reuniting of the chimps and their caretaker is beyond words and brought tears to my eyes!

    I can’t think anything else but the fact that love is soooo powerful! It’s what we souls run on. And this film highlights that common bond between we humans and our friends the animals. We are souls, they are souls. We have evolved out of more conditioned material bodies into ones capable of realizing who we truly are.

    May humanity heal the pain it suffers from daily. May we re-establish our roots in nature and rediscover who we truly are and why we’re here.

    Hare Krsna!

  • Kyle

    THOMAS you are an idiot.

  • kdy

    I agree with Jackie and Kyle but would say sometimes we don’t see what we don’t want to see

  • kdy

    And Thomas if you know so many compassionate and resilient humans who also aquired those skills without being taught I would love to meet them!

  • Safiya

    Thomas just because your ego apparantly can’t accept the fact that animals kno whow to love and care better than many humans doesn’t mean they aren’t. Not all, but in general the human race is greedy, selfish, and full of hate. Do you see animals fighting overunnecesary things like money. No. They learn to share and live together. The only reason animals fight is to survive. Natural selection, so that the species can live on. That used to be the case with humans until they started shooting birds just so their jackets look pretty.

  • Thavasi

    The episode touched my heart, when I realize that the disease free life we all humans live today is a gift given by our neighbor “experimental Chimpanzee”. Let us pay some thing back in the form of love and affection.

    For people saying that animals don’t know anything and we humans are the top in the civilization, being a biologist, I would like to say we don’t know anything as compared to a bird in sensing earth quack, and a honey bee in sensing flowers. I bet here can we create honey in lab? FYI pure honey can be stored for more than 20 years without any preservation.

    Let us all love nature and present a healthy world to our next generation.

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