Sister Joan Chittister Extended Interview

“Our purpose is to present the most humane, spiritual, moral, communal model of life for a world in chaos around us—to be an island of care and cohesion in the midst of all the movement,” says Benedictine nun and author Joan Chittister.

  • Patricia

    Thank you for these three marvelous, interconnected features that show so positively what
    monastic women and men bring to our fractured, too-frenetic world. Like a 21st century
    “desert mother” Joan Chittister offers compassionate common sense, grounds spirituality
    and contemplative life in the real. Her comment that cloister and contemplative are not
    synonymous is much needed and right on target. While cloister — being set apart from the
    “world” — speaks to a specific group of women and men and feeds their spirit, they are largely the minority. But all people — of all faiths — are called to be contemplatives, to
    stand in the presence of the Holy with awe and silence and gratitude. My own Catholic
    religious tradition is Carmelite, but as Sisters Joan and Anne express so powerfully,
    Benedict’s rule and tradition are perennial wellsprings for the church, for all monastics
    and monastic-hearted people, for all God-seekers.
    Thank you again, R&E Newsweekly for your insightful, deep reporting on topics of

  • Matt

    This was interesting but what is Sister Joan’s context. Does she really represent a majority of Catholics? Perhaps exploring her issues with the Catholic Church against the current views of Pope Francis would provide a balanced discussion. The Benedictine’s clearly do good work in the community and her heart is from a good place but the message seems misleading. Give both sides to the story. I would like to hear reporting not fluff. What are the issues?

  • Giles

    No habit = no nun.

  • amagjuka

    This opinion says more about your own issues than about the validity of the important work of nuns. If you need the habit to lend credibility, it is like forcing women to wear burkas, cover their heads, etc. YOU should not need this to respect and honor the work of the nuns.

  • elisabeta

    God bless you sister Joan !!!

  • elisabeta

    do ask the same for monks ?

  • elisabeta

    She is the voice of million of women who do not have a voice.
    …..Because the voice of the all-male church management suffocated the women voices.

  • elisabeta

    excellent point !!!!