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About PBS

PBS Board of Directors


PBS is governed by a 27-member Board of Directors that manages the property, affairs and business of the Corporation. The Board meets for regularly scheduled meetings four times a year, and its committees meet as necessary. Meetings of the Board and its committees are open to the public, though some portions of those meetings may be held in closed session.

The Directors are responsible for governing and setting policy for PBS. In total, the Board comprises 27 members: 14 Professional Directors (station managers); 12 General Directors (outside directors); and the PBS President. PBS Board members serve three-year terms, without pay.

Jon Abbott (2023)*

President & CEO
WGBH Educational Foundation
Boston, Massachusetts

Deborah Acklin (2024)**

President & CEO
WQED Multimedia
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Maxine Clark, Vice Chair (2023)***

Clark-Fox Family Foundation
Clayton, Missouri

Rob Dunlop (2022)*

President & CEO
Cascade Public Media
Seattle, Washington

Susi Elkins (2022) *

General Manager
East Lansing, Michigan

Mildred García (2023)*

American Association of State Colleges and Universities
Washington, D.C.

Chuck Hagel (2022)**

Former Secretary of Defense and Nebraska Senator
Washington, D.C.

Paul Hunton (2022)****

General Manager
Texas Tech Public Media
Lubbock, Texas

Marvin Irby (2023)*

National Restaurant Association
Washington, D.C.

Larry Irving, Chair (2024)*

Principal, The Irving Group
Washington, DC

Michael Isip (2023)*

President & CEO
San Francisco, California

Gunjan Kedia (2023)*

Vice Chair
Wealth Management & Investment Services, US Bancorp
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Paula Kerger

Public Broadcasting Service
Arlington, Virginia

Kevin Martin (2024)**

President & CEO
Cleveland, Ohio

Sandra Cordova Micek (2023)*

President & CEO
Window To The World Communications, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

Molly M. Phillips, Vice Chair (2023)**

Executive Director & General Manager
Iowa PBS
Johnston, Iowa

Jorge Plasencia (2024)*

Co-founder, Chairman, & CEO, Republica Havas

Miami, FL

Courtney Pledger (2022)*

Executive Director & CEO
Arkansas PBS
Conway, Arkansas

Vivian Riefberg (2024)**

Professor of Practice
University of Virginia Darden School of Business
Washington, D.C.

Catherine Robb (2022)*

Media Attorney & Counsel
Haynes and Boone, LLP
Austin, Texas

Geoff Sands (2022)*

EVP Corporate Strategy
Rye, New York

Tina Sharkey (2024)*

Co-founder and Former CEO
Mill Valley, California

Amy Shaw (2024)*

President and CEO
Nine PBS
 St. Louis, Missouri

Gary Stokes (2022)**

President and General Manager
Spokane, Washington

Jayme Swain (2024)*

President & CEO
VPM and the Virginia Foundation for Public Media
Richmond, Virginia

Holden Thorp (2024)*

Editor-in-Chief, Science Family of Journals
Washington, DC

Ed Ulman (2024)*

President & CEO
Alaska Public Media
Anchorage, Alaska

Terms expire at the fall Organizational meeting of the Board in the years shown in parentheses.

*=First Term
**=Second Term
***= General Director Third Term
****= Filled vacancy mid-term; eligible for two full subsequent terms