1209 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Peyton H.
Zack Rosebrugh

From thousands of submissions, 8 American Portrait stories were brought to life by muralists translating the words of everyday people to communities across America. In Chicago, we collaborated with artist Zack Rosebrugh to create a mural inspired by the story of Peyton H.

In Chicago, artist Zack Rosebrugh has created this evocative mural based on an American Portrait submission from Peyton H. Peyton’s original quote was about the concept of ‘unlearning’, which inspired Zack to explore themes of scholastic learning, growth and cultivation.

“I went with the apple tree because of the nod to the tree of knowledge, but also classic scholastic learning. The idea was to have two people eating from and maintaining the tree — taking what they want, passing on what they don’t. The point is that they are in control of the tree, and aren’t bound to any rules handed down.”

- Zack Roseburgh

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Looking ahead, I…
Looking ahead, I want to do my part in eroding harmful generalizations and stereotypes.
Family, Community

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Meet the Mural Artist, Zack Rosebrugh.

Zack Rosebrugh is an artist based in Los Angeles, primarily practicing painting and commercial illustration. His work is often colorful and playful, featuring human subjects arranged in a balanced composition.

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