New York

19 Wyckoff Ave.
Ebony U.
Ashley Lukashevsky

From thousands of submissions, 8 American Portrait stories were brought to life by muralists translating the words of everyday people to communities across America. In New York, we collaborated with artist Ashley Lukashevsky to create a mural inspired by the story of Ebony U.

“This idea highlights the pull of families wanting to be together vs. the systems/chains that prohibit it. In an ideal, abolitionist world — we are finding balance and peace (hence the nod at yin/yang) and metamorphosis/chances at transformation hence the butterflies.”

 — Ashley Lukashevsky

See The Story That Inspired The Mural.

What gets me out of bed in the morning is…
What gets me out of bed in the morning is making my FAMILY whole.

In 1988, my father was arrested and 2 years later convicted with his 1st & only felony conviction of life without parole as part of a drug conspiracy. For over 31 years, my Dad has never stopped being a parent & has immersed himself in the daily life of me & my siblings through phone calls, birthday cards, holiday cards & emails. Although he made mistakes when he was younger, his atonement & resolute spirit has positively impacted not only our lives, but also the many men he has encountered in the over 3 decades of his incarceration. The data shows people age out of criminality. As a 66 yr old elder, a model prisoner with zero infractions while incarcerated, we believe our dad deserves a second chance. #FreeBillUnderwood
Family, Faith, Community

Look Behind the Scenes.

Meet the Mural Artist, Ashley Lukashevsky.

Ashley is an LA-based artist who was born and raised in Hawaii. She uses her work in illustration and visual art to strengthen and support social movements for racial justice, immigrant justice, climate justice, mental health and LGBTQIA+ liberation. Her goal is to draw the safer, fairer world she envisions, beautifully demonstrated in the mural she created for American Portrait in NYC.

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