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Looking ahead, I…

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It’s harder than ever to plan for the future, but when you look ahead, what do you see for yourself, your community, or the country?

Looking ahead, I pray that we can rid ourselves of the current POTUS before his lack of intelligence and inability to think of the welfare of others destroys our country. Please someone get me a bumper sticker that reads "BYE DON" and let us elect some...
Looking ahead, I really hope that I can achieve my dreams, because I've seen so many people get bogged down by life in general, and it sometimes makes me think that I won't be able to achieve anything.
Looking ahead, I hope that the world will see how desperately we need to get back to the basics, the simpler things. I realize that this sounds cliche, but it's true. We've gotten "too big for our britches," and have wound up hurting the masses more...
Looking ahead, I look forward to a safe and fun school year. I am happy that I am a JR in high school, Also would like to graduate and go to nursing school.
Looking ahead, I cannot wait to graduate high school. Once I do, I am looking forward to getting a apartment and live a good life, which is still possible in today's world.
Looking ahead, I am scared of the future, but at the same time I look at my beautiful little girl in every morning and hope nothing but beauty and love comes to her.
Looking ahead, I see myself having kids and getting another dog. And hopefully traveling a lot.
Looking ahead, I ahead, I want to live a life where I cahelp
Looking ahead, I fear for our country and for myself and my loved ones.
Looking ahead, I want to be able to support myself and my boyfriend along with him. I don't currently have a job so I'm heavily reliant on him and my mom. I know I'm only 16, and I know that's young. But I want to be...
Looking ahead, I hope that I continue to stay clean. I can get past my traumas, and I thrive once again.
Looking ahead, I want to have a world that racism does not excite in it. A world where I can feel safe as a muslim, where black people won't feel that they are unwanted, and where everyone have the freedom to be who they are.
Looking ahead, I hope that people learn to give whatever extra they have to those who have nothing.
Looking ahead, I will go to college and be able to pay for it. After getting my BFA, I'll start working at the mental health treatment residential that I started my recovery in. Maybe I'll pursue a master's degree. I'll get top surgery and my voice...