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Now is the time…
Now is the time for change and something different. I'm trying to become like one of the poets myself. You know, all that Shakespeare stuff. I don't do none of that. That's old. It's all the time sad or happy, sad or happy. Love, flowers, roses are blue, flowers are red, whatever this stuff. It just doesn't click anymore. Now's the time for like something that is different. I'm trying to write something that is powerful and is relating on a now that is like, happening right now. For example, there's racism that is happening, like the police brutality. It has to be something that is relevant. Even those people, those kids that don't like to listen to poetry, they'll stop. And they'll say, this is a poem. This is a good thing. This is not boring. And this is actually really cool. Please check out my stories and poetry: Instagram @19Victor886 and on the YouTube channel Live Love Spoken Word.
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