The tradition I carry on is…
The tradition I carry on is one that has been the tradition of an entire nation which was here long before the inception of the United States. My name is Po Wauipi Neimpaug and I am the leader of the Council Seven Royal House, Pokanoket Tribe of the Pokanoket Nation. Sagamore is my title, meaning “chief of chiefs.” This position has been passed down in my family through the generations. I am the tenth generation great grandson of the Massasoit Ousamequin who welcomed and helped the first settlers from the Mayflower. Today, our identity as a nation of people continues to be concealed by institutions attempting to erase our history and culture. As the Sagamore, it is my mission to ensure that the Pokanoket people will one day have the freedom to continue the traditions of our ancestors on our sacred lands.
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