My greatest challenge is…
My greatest challenge is living with brain damage. I'm Dianne Burckhardt and I'm from Wichita, KS. I lived in that area until I was 46, when I met a man from Chile and we married within the year. Fast forward seven years and I am an American living in Germany with my Chilean husband, a rescue dog from Russia, and I help children in China learn English. This is amazing considering I never expected to live passed 36. November 2nd, '02 I had an accident at work that caused me to need 6 brain surgeries in 6 months in '04. I went in the 1st surgery with 2 neurological conditions and came out with 3. I even died for a while at one point. It took years to recover, but now I'm an award-winning indie author. Being an author helped me regain my language skills. I'm still brain damaged and always will be, but I persist!