I never expected…
I never expected to be a single, scared teenage mom. And as a 17 year old child expecting a child of my own, I certainly never expected to have 7 more children over the next 2 decades. 21 years ago I was struggling to graduate high school and was told I was a failure with no future. Having to grow up fast, I worked multiple jobs to make ends meet and pay for childcare. It wasn't an easy road. Fast forward to 2021, I'm a happily married mother of 8 healthy and beautiful children making a living creating parenting, craft and food video tutorials online (and on local and national television shows). I just finished writing my 1st book. Moral of the story? If you dream it, you can do it. It will be hard. You'll be told no. You'll be dismissed. You'll be overlooked. But never give up and never stop trying!
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