My American dream…
My American dream is a picture of justice, equality, and human rights for all of humanity. I wrote a poem called:{I Am A Human Being: In Honor Of George Floyd:I gave this poem to his family}:The poems states," I can't breathe, I can't breathe, Is what I heard him say: Being handcuffed, And knee press to his neck, In an inhumane way: On national tv, On the ground, As George Floyd continued to lay: I could not help but to see My face, And the black brothers My family and friends, from around the way: Will racism ever end, Will justice stand tall today: He was not only black, But what you saw was a slave: What you saw was not man, Not someone brother or father, You treated him like a stray: Like a dog, But I have to believe that God's love will prevail I pray: That justice will be served, In the US of A."
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