My parent(s) wanted me to…
My parent(s) wanted me to always be creative . I express myself through my craft, which is culinary. I grew up in a family of amazing cooks, my father was a chef for 40 years & my grandma always made us a “down home supper” on Sundays. I’d always try to find ways to help out, even though I couldn’t do much. Growing up in the kitchen taught me discipline and showed me that food brings a sense of community, which is something I truly value. This industry has led me to meet so amazing people, some of who are my closest friends. I have been quite fortunate to work in a variety of establishments, from cafes to country clubs, and now a food truck. I’m currently studying Hospitality Management and hope to run my own business one day. I’m quite thankful for my foodie upbringing & my mentors, Patricia Bace and Bill Glover.
Family, Work, Community