My American dream…
My American dream : Tuesday, July 13, 1954 arrived at Ellis Island carrying a wooden suitcase with meager belongins and $5.00 in my pocket. After disembaking I plced my suitcase on a corner and contamplated what to do next. I was 21 yrs. old, I haved never been further than 60 kilometers from my Greek Peloponisean village of Stemnitsa, Arcadia. I could not speak but a few English sentenses, no one was there to receive me. A Canadian Greek stopped in front of me and asked why I was crying. I told him my uncle was in Ohio and I only have his adddres in an envelop, and I don't know how to go there. He was God sent. At the Grand Cental Station, bought a train ticket and instructed me hat to do next. Years passed an finally graduated with a E.E. Degree fom O.S.U. DREAMS COME TRUE IN AMERICAN given a chance!