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Craft in America


Yoshiko Yamamoto demonstrates how to create blockprints at home

Tips from Yoshiko Yamamoto:

  • If you don't have a printing press, this is a very easy way to make prints at home.
  • Use the roller to get a thin layer of ink onto the linoleum block.
  • Apply ink in two directions to ensure even coverage.
  • Use Japanese rice paper to cover the linoleum block and use a wooden or metal spoon in small circular motions to transfer the ink from the linoleum block to the paper.
  • For multiple color prints, set up a paper guide to ensure the paper lays in the same place every time.
  • To transfer the image to the blank linoleum block, place the black print onto the blank linoleum block and glue it on. Apply a small amount of oil to the paper so it becomes see through. Start carving as appropriate to the color.


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