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Tanya Aguiniga


Students will explore the work of Tanya Aguiñiga, including her furniture design, installations, accessory crafting, and community art projects. Students will consider the ways Aguiñiga crosses borders in her life and in her art making. In studio practice, students will felt with recycled wool and use the wool to alter and soften a hard surface (a mini-installation), to create a cushion, or to craft an accessory. Students will also sketch ideas for a larger installation that considers the idea of borders.

Grade level: 9-12



Download the Lesson Guide for Tanya Aguiñiga in PDF format HERE to get started in your classroom.

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Tanya Aguiñiga talks about her childhood crafting

Tanya Aguiñiga on the inspiration and the connection she got through visiting Chicano Park

Tanya Aguiñiga on the community of Maclovio Rojas in Mexico.

Clary Illian ceramic


In this lesson, students get to know three American potters who are connected by their individual experiences as apprentices at Leach Pottery in St. Ives, England. Students will also be introduced to two internationally influential potters – Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada who took on many apprentices, as well as connect the notion of apprenticeship to their personal lives. Utilizing the Craft in America website, students will explore and research the work of a featured artist/s, looking for qualities and attributes they feel they would like to apply to their own work. In studio practice, students will create a series of altered functional forms that have been influenced by the work of other craftspeople.

Grade level: 8-12



Download the Lesson Guide for Apprenticeships in PDF format HERE to get started in your classroom.

Potter Jeff Oestreich describes his work.

Potter Jeff Oestreich decorates bisque ware.